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Maria Etre Mar 14
I slithered my hand
across your chest
and your heart
wrote its story
on my palm
one your
scar Jun 2015
i like it
when children are innocent
when dreams are plentiful
when lifelines exist
Kate Lion Apr 2015
"is cutting a sin?"
you ask me.
only fourteen years old.
and you show me your wrists.
one line for the divorce
another for your mother's death
a 3rd to feel the sadness in a tangible form.
but there's a fourth line, it's the strongest
it's the lifeline
and I threw it to you the moment you told me.
My fiance's sister told me last night that she has cut her wrists a few times.  She suffers from depression.  Is there anything people have done to help you guys with those kinds of problems?  I suffer from seasonal depression, so I am probably going to take her outside a few times a week to walk dogs.  But is there anything else I can do?  I'm the only one who knows; she doesn't want her therapist or family to freak out about it.
Nena Twedell Oct 2014
Can't breathe
Can't see
Can't Speak
I'm drowning
The harder I try the further down I fall
My air is running out
my lifelines are calling in a rain check when I need them the most
Everything around me is getting dark
Slowly getting darker and darker
All the words that I want to say get stuck in my through waiting to tumble out at any give moment
but stuck together
They'll never suspect a drowning
Accidental or intentional
I've been fighting for so long
With on one else on my side
beaten and worn
My oxygen levels are falling
Heart rate slowing
maybe then I'll find some peace of mind
Can't breathe
Can't see
Can't speak
Slowly drowning
just tired of it all
No one will ever suspect a drowning.

— The End —