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Jawad Aug 2023
Where are you?
Let me find you

Leave me a sign

A handkerchief on thorny roses
A candle on your window
A note on my porch
A scarf with your scent
A clue with a friend
A carving on some wood

Open up

Say something that discloses
The tears on your pillow
The reason you torch
The letters of contempt
You chose not to send
Although you could

I don’t get it

What can be the causes
For burning me with sorrow
For making my heart scorch
For making it attempt
To willfully upend
This beautiful cruel love?

I need a signal..
Still waiting and wondering
Jawad Aug 2023
I am gone
But here

My memory
Still lingers

Like the hint of old perfume
And the noice of afternoon

I am here
In your moves
In the passion of your words
Like the waves of calm sea
And the wind behind the dune

I am here
In your deeds
In the soft beats of your heart
And the giggles of a child
All the muses of the moon

I am here
Still with you
Feel free to use for obituaries
Jawad Aug 2023
As I string words together
From existing thoughts
Aiming at shaping souls
That will make the future
I ask…

Will there be more questions
Will there be more wonder
Will there be more action
Or just more plunder

Will there be more thinking
Will there be more linking
Will there be more sinking
In the depth of life

Will there be more focus
Will there be more locus
Or just more shrinking
In the width of sight

Will there be less shirking
Will there be less cringing
Or just more complaining
About the strive
If you write to change, you wonder…
Jawad Aug 2023
This side
Oppresses in one
The center of the universe

That side
Oppresses through the many
The chosen ones

Injustice happens in many ways
At least let us choose
If you know you know
Jawad Aug 2023
The saboteurs
Are not only those
Who tell lies

But us
Who help them
Defeat us

By closing the window
And blaming the sun
For not shining in

     is a bigger sin!

A wise man once said
Strive for knowledge, not money
Because knowledge guards you
While you guard your money
We need to be aware
Jawad Aug 2023
The aging woman
All her life
Striving so much

Not only fixing bodies
But hearts
She spent her life
Some people keep giving
Jawad Aug 2023
As days sneak away
      Like small thieves
   Taking pieces of my soul
I wonder…
                Where poems
       The guardians of time?
Defenders of hopes?
   Were they disordered seams
           Holding together a life
        Of secret sorrow
Where they artistic lies
          Perfected to taste mellow
               To hide the bitterness
                          The missing shadow
             Of my shrinking soul?
    What where they?
                   Impostor dreams?
Why do we really write poetry? To feel better, or to not feel worse? To run away, or to achieve something?
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