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Le Beau Jan 2021
I never knew I was sad until I seen u crying and smiling at the same time I felt like u were scared but stuck in the zoo wasn't a good place for u
Rosen Blanche Mar 2020
Moon-landing once, why go back?
the set frequency is earthbound.
Grew weary of consumerism consuming me;
they've convinced us this is the best we have
are the insecure sorrows in our hearts
the invisible creatures feed on low frequency -
so why shoot for the stars?
jack cariad leon Feb 2020
siren in the sky blinking a cry for help
i want to come
but sleep pulls me somewhere else
Dog Years Jan 2020
So here I was, the Astronaut.
Allowed into her private outer space.
Blessed to venture above and beyond,
Finding new secrets in everyplace

Making all my stars align,
she became my new Astrology.
Leaving me, blinded and moonstruck,
As I tried to map out Destiny.
Adellebee Jul 2019
The moon is so bright tonight
The black velvet sheet of the night
is riddled with stars

Patiently waiting, for lightyears to come
For us to see the stars light fade
Until we can not wish upon them
And the sky is sure to turn to shade
moon light
Adellebee Jul 2019
When you have no pockets to put your lighters in
And your nails are too long,
You find yourself on the balcony staring off
Staring off into the night sky

That soft, deep sea blue cast across your skyline

You catch a thought,
You think,
The simple things,
A glowing read star, could be mars

The thoughts I think, Smoking on my balcony
Artemis Jun 2019
I like to lay in the cosmos;
Stardust freckling my cheeks
and hanging from my lashes,
it’s residue on my finger tips.

I dangle from the stars,
Saturns rings around my waist,
Neptunes blues in my eyes,
Jupiter’s storms in my heart.

I dream and dream and dream,
among galaxies and supernovas,
perfectly at home
in the void of space.
Meg B May 2019
Of the two lamps in the room,
my glassy eyes can only tolerate the dimmed glow
of the lower light from the right,
my face basking in the slowly rotating,
barely blowing air from the fan above me.
My face feels flushed,
but not from the semi-sticky early summer heat,
but from the fact that
every time I come back to this room,
I'm reminded of why I left.

The lawyer in me could generate a list,
pros longer than any construction of cons,
yet your name will always reverberate
in the unforgotten corners of my subconscious.

You never loved me like I did you,
and even my romanticized version of you never
saw me the way I
still feel the ghost of you.

I can still feel the crisp fall air from your balcony
and recall the albums and conversations that
complete the track list
of my unrequited love story.

Sometimes it was real,
sometimes it's real,
sometimes it's a dream,
sometimes it's a memory.

And this is the essence of you and me;
it's more questions than answers,
smoke and mirrors and
smoking to make things clearer.

I've never been the same
since you,
but I also don't know how I can ever
get over someone I never really had.

You were mine in microcosms
that were macro extraterrestrial galactic;

was it real?
were we real or
was it all [science] fiction?
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