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Jade Bartlett Mar 17
I swallowed
the sound of your name
like it was a star--
five points,  
the type they
teach you to draw
in kindergarten.

It hurt
on its way down,
stalagmites of constellation
catching on my uvula,
hanging on with
astronomical strength.

But this is no cliffhanger.

Do you know what happens next?

I stopped breathing.

You've never deserved
your name,
you know.
"Light giving,"
it means.

and how I gave into
the sublime
of it.

all you ever did was steal
the moons from my irises.

You treated me like
I was the dirt beneath
your fingernails
(you forsake
the dust on your windowsill--
but don't you know
all dust comes from
the wondrous galaxy that
dwells before us?)

I reached out to you
only to get
c u t
          o f f
at the hands

I couldn't let you
didn't know how to.
Even when my flame
was reduced
to these weeping cinders,
even when the idealization
I held between my palms
found itself exiled
to this mausoleum
of severed trust,
hatred blossoming
in rosettes against
crumbling tombstones.

The epitaph reads,
"At a loss for words."

Tell me this:
what sort of
"light giver"
doesn't believe in
in the possibility of magic--
in the pinnacle of light itself?

You always thought me
a foolish girl
for dreaming--
naive girl,
silly girl,
wrists blooming
in paper cuts,
always one fairytale
away from insanity.

one day,
I stopped believing

And all it took
was a single glance
from those eyes--
glacial sapphires,
your grandest seduction.

**** itself would have
hardened itself to tundra
at the sight of them.

You always had a way
of contaminating
the things I loved
with a frostbite so lethal,
I would have
gladly dismembered
every hypothermic part
of myself
(every fragment of soul
you ever touched).

Like a shooting star,
I fell for you--


And then the heavens went
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Careful concealment,
For the need for Atonement
As the Moon claims the best of she-
Drawing her closer to the song of the Sea
Then exalted to clouds, far past the sky
Skimming the tips of the Milky Way
In his warm arms, forever lie
She only dreams those to see that day
@LadyRavenhill 2019
gwenyvere Jan 16
when he arrived among us
in his dazzling golden saucer
we thought he was a little odd
his erratic tears and laughter

he wore his heart on his sleeve
for us he could only greive
but he wasn't human
he wasn't human
or was he human?

he went on desperate mission
when a child lost her balloon
he couldn't bear to see her sad
he searched farther than the moon

he put us all to the test
but alas, we were a mess
cause we're only human
we're only human
or are we human?

he saw a man hurting a girl
and he killed him in his rage
for daring to prey on the weak
but we tried him, threw him in a cage

we drove him out because he loved too much
Spent the night
Tasted starlight
Found satelite
But i didn't know what i got
Everything's not going like what it's like
Unsure that i'm not given up
Being the one that always forgot
Just like an astronaut
Crawling the night to find a new start

Saying "Hello" to the new gravity
Trying to solve a mistery
That maybe causing tragedy
No one gonna say sorry
Even you're rising fury

Hey, you there!
Yeah you, Mr. Hate
I was born from the way i've been treated
Snapped my finger and 'boom' i was fade
I thought i need some little escape
I try to find the final gate
And get out of this outerspace
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
This, my darling, is what you call divine -
my good for nothing, wondrous soul. Take but a step inside - let the beauty bedazzle you. Find yourself in outer space and let the shooting stars of my heartstrings guide you home.
Amanda Sep 2018
Hold the universe inside my palms
I alone understand it is but a solitary dream
Between stars I make out memories
Connecting dots, forming images ingrained in my mind

I look in the unfilled depths of sky where suns have yet to burn out, remaining eternally preserved in an explosion of beauty lightyears away wondering about humans peering at their ambience through time and space

This isolated reflection I witness change in compliance with the predetermined path set in motion by the astrological forces of nature
My hands must be trembling
Scared of sorrow and frustration they undeniably confront

The fear of the uncertain, the inconsistency of the unapologetic future awaiting
Solemn visions of an imperfect outcome, enough torment to push strength a bit too far over the edge

Fragile balance of peace and chaos resting within cupped desperate hands
Ignorant, the quickness of extinction among synapses in the cavern lighting the entirety of my skull
Pinned under familiar self-induced delusions
Galaxies silently begging for permanent freedom
Such fate to let their wishes dangle ignored
Urges within bursting, released
That moment I also give in
Forcefully close my fingers into a fist
Instantly crushing wild constellations scattered around my consciousness
A great deal more fragile than realized

Once unshakable destiny budged a millimeter by one lone act of rebellion
Against a powerful pull the majority pretend is rigid
Elusive control by way of self-combustion of life's temporary illusions
Proof one touch can fell worlds of fantasy

Founded on fiction

Or maybe

I was inspired by Horton Hears A Who
Pure of Stars Aug 2018
stars on her fingernails
the sun in her smile
she bathed in the milky way
singing to the stars
she is part of the galaxy
and only the stars know why
felt inspired by star fingernail polish that had sat in my desk for eight months :)
Mahati Jul 2018
High in the sky
there is a passing plane
  up in the space
   where stars shine bright
    bright as the light
     you flash into my eyes
      your eyes reflect the sky
       I know your secret
  You're an outer space creature
The light darkness
  that makes the stars
   feel so special
    i see the light darkness
     in the background of life
      the feeling's like the moon
       but incomplete
        there is a missing piece
  Have you lost a star
Aaaaaa aa
There's a missing star
  in the space
   a bright light
    in your face
     an outer-space creature
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