6d Jay

Bleed and bleed
until there's
no more blood
Weep and weep
until there's
no more tears
Fall and fall
until you
can't stand up
Scream and scream
until there's
no more fears

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)

  6d Jay

We're the shield
in all of their wars,
while we stand on
our battlefield alone

We spend so much
time saving other
lives, we forget
to save our own

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)

  6d Jay

Just because
I bear
the pain,
it doesn’t
mean it’s

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)

Jay 6d

Damaged people love you like a crime scene
Before any crime had been committed
They kept their running shoes right next to their souls every night
One eye opened in case something changed whilst they were asleep

Damaged people love in the most broken way
Damaged people love in the most gentle way
Damaged people do not love
Damaged people love too much

Their backs are always too tense, too tight
Made this way from carrying too many broken things
Because we all know broken things are the heaviest
Just look the weight of a broken heart

Damaged people will love that too
Damaged people love broken things
Because they remind them of themselves

Damaged people take broken things
And love them to the end
Trying to find that one broken thing
That will fit their cracks.

Damaged people love so well

They love like this because they have already seen Hell
And they know that every evil demon
Was once an angel before they fell.

Jay 7d

I am alone
I am alone to the
Deepest parts of myself
Down to the very bone

I am alone
My mold must've been
Cast in solitude
And covered in heartbreak

I am alone
It is more than
Not having a friend
Standing next to me

I am alone
It goes to the point
Of standing in a room
Full of best friends
And still
Having not a single one
Brush my soul

I am alone
I have no one
To say that I have
No one I would ever want
To sentence to being my friend
For that is a curse
None should have to bear

I am alone
I think that my heart
Must be burning cold
That no one can really touch it
So I am isolated

I am alone
And I am numb
Empty and afraid
Because I am alone

I am alone
I battle myself
By myself
For it's easier not to worry
About the collateral
When it's only me

I am alone
And I will stay that way
For the good of others
Over the good of myself

I am alone
It hurts me this way
But it's better this way
So I'm the only one
Who ends up damaged

Jay Dec 8

A lot of things
In life
Can slip

They slip so easily
It's scary
How precious things
Just leave your
Very fingertips

Like you
You slipped
Right out of
My once fairy tale life
One moment
I was holding your hand
And happiness was clasped
Between our palms
Then the next
I was holding nothing but
Air and sadness
Because of the way
Your hand just
Right out of mine
And how you slipped
Right out of my life

Like that metal
It slipped right down
My once whole skin
Straight, even lines
One second
Everything was
Whole, well and good
Then the next
Everything was
Chaos, dark red and hurt
All because of that
One little piece
Of shiny-bright metal
That slipped down my skin
And with it
My hope slipped away too

Like my smile
One day
Everything was full of
Friendly parted lips
And perfect teeth
Then I woke
In tomorrow
And all that my world
Was full of
Was closed lips
And shuttered eyes
All because
That smile just
So easily
Right off my lips

Like my very life
I must've been
Carrying it not quite
Carefully enough
Whilst I was walking
Down a rainy road
I must've
On some slick patch
Of sorrow
And it just
Right out of my
Innocent arms

I couldn't do anything
But sit there
And watch
As my life that
Into a million
Tiny, broken fragments

But it's okay
Someone came along
And they simply
Their warm hand
Into mine
And they looked at me
For only a moment,
But then they saw
The broken skin
Out of their brown eyes
I asked why they cried
For a girl they
Had never spoken to
Then they told me
They knew the pain
Of that particular slip
They knew that
My smile had
Away from me
And so we went on an adventure
To find where our smiles
Had stolen off to

With them
I never worried
About my broken life
That had
And shattered
Because while we were
Off questing for our smiles
Slipped in between
Our woven fingers
And metal stopped
Down our wrists
And hope filled in
The places where the metal
Once was
Then our lost smiles
Slowly began
Back onto our faces
And better lives
Made of stardust and steel
Instead of glass and cobwebs
Into our arms

Sometimes we feel
Like we're on the verge
Of slipping
And having everything shatter
But each time
We catch each other
And since that day
We've never slipped forever
Maybe we have tripped
But never completely
Lost ourselves in a slip

Jay Dec 7

I am not afraid
Of very much
Not because I'm brave
Strong and fearless
But because I am too
Numb to be afraid

I am not afraid
Of very much
But what I am afraid of
I am terrified of

I am not afraid
Of very much
But I am beyond terrified
Of three things
In this life

The first thing being
Falling in love
That does not mean
I am afraid of love
For love is a nice thing
Gentle smiles and
Friendly laughs
That lead to hugs
Kind words
But no kisses
Just loving the other person

Falling in love however
That is a terrifying thing
To crave their company
Every hour of the day
To wish to know
What secrets their
Smiles could hide
The aching need to
Be with them
That terrifies me

The second thing is
That I am afraid
Of being powerless
In all essences
Unable to stop
Awful, terrible,
Catastrophic things
From happening

The third and last
The greatest fear
I have
Is that I am afraid
Of being alone
It is a crushing
Crippling weight
The weight of that fear

I am afraid of being alone
In both senses
In having no one by
My side
No one out there
In this small-wide world
Who cared
And in being able
To stand in a crowd
With numbers reaching
Ten thousands
Yet no one to
Know my name
Or worse yet
They knew my name
And my story
Yet they didn't care

These three things
Are my three fears
They might be small
At least in number
But they are

Isn't it funny?
I'm completely numb
And I'm still afraid
Perhaps I fear
My own numbness
Four fears isn't bad
Yet they are awful

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