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He ripped off my clothes
It's the way life goes
Those who have the power
Will naturally wield it

When he finally had me naked
He found I wore a chastity belt
Alas, he had no key
I was smart enough to swallow it

So he never got inside me
The way that he had planned
Those who have the power
Don't always have the upper hand
that time that I had the upper hand...
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
In a wordy battle with trivial dogmatic mentalities , I win by sandwiching my perspectives between my upper lip tubercle and lower lip tubercle.
the ice downs
your life downs
as your appearance
show how you lose

stay up
look at the ice
white his
having fare

and loving here
he tells no death
story that tells
that life turns
he wheel serves
the man who suffers
to be upper
live as eagles
who look down
saying, creatures
small as ants
or live as hyena
who eats corpse
and smell worse
the challenge is good and try to be the success
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
I search for some decor
to pretty up my house
A headboard, some dead boards
or maybe a couch?

The said so to do it
on public TV
my kitchens not pretty
as pretty as can be

But what will the neighbors
think of my design?
they'll report to the magazine
that it's beautiful and sublime!

Some ship lap, some sconces
all wrapped in a bow
i will trend till tomorrow
then die all alone

Rip it all down
Says Chip and Joanna
They are more popular
Than Hanna Montanna

They live on a ranch
an take millions to make
a spectacular suprise
for a couple to take

We all laugh an cheer
at Chip's child like antics
Which makes great TV
as Joanna gets Frantic!

Do Chip and Joanna really
care about you?
As long as the station
gets ten million views

They tell us to fix it
even though it's not broken
go shop till you drop
and spend every token

Buy that cool sign
made from cheap yellow plastic
The richer get richer
but, our wall looks fantastic!

Do not give in
to the big corporate greed
there are sick, hungry people
and starving mouths to feed

so every cent spent
on the corporate wealth
helps the richer get richer
and we go to stealth

Wake up and see vanity
is causing distress
don't give in to pressure
of this corporate mess!
Nylee Apr 2018
We never took more
never took any less
of our share
for our hunger
when everyone stared
it is rightfully ours.
Long before
we were
the beggars,
When we had nothing
no more,
did millions of tiny chores.
We were wronged
no one shared,
we looked at them
gave them pitiful stare,
we wanted the same care
and now that we
climbed the ladder
we are no better
that we are having
our healthy dinner,
there is someone
rising upper
working under the sun
this summer
and maybe
we were wrong
and someone knew it better.
Harly A Quinn Oct 2015
I find that all of the people i make friends with
Are off kilter
People that are broken beyond my repair
And yet
I try to put them back together  again

They do say that birds of a feather flock together

Maybe its because The sane people make me feel
Like the odd one out
Or Maybe its because the Crazies
Make me feel sane

But anyways, i can already see what will be the death of me
I've somehow started referring myself as the drifter amongst drifters
Camille Marie Oct 2015
The universe has given you everything you dream for.
The question is, how determined are you in claiming them?

Persistence is Key.
Bijan Nowain Feb 2015
Strong is the foundation,
but renovations needed
Signs of wear from past involvements
Darkness settles, absence of power
Then an unexpected luminescence
Out of the fog and into the light
Broken, healing, mending
Like an emotional carpenter,
She begins to repair his wounds
New relationship is formed
But scars from the past causes doubt and fear
Stubbornness, insecurity, irrational immaturity
Relationship agreement null and void
Heart dipped in liquid carbon
Shattered across the slab
Alone again, button of
Self destruct almost activated
But a change is brewing
God is present, never alone
Lessons learned, heart at ease
Sharp is the mind, priorities clear
Calm and peaceful, open heart
Confident, self worth known
Fixer upper upped and fixed?
Only time will tell

— The End —