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Camille Marie Oct 2015
The universe has given you everything you dream for.
The question is, how determined are you in claiming them?

Persistence is Key.
Camille Marie Aug 2014
Everybody Lies.
What's worse than lying to all?

Lying to yourself.

Over and over again.
The downside finding out a friend has been lying to you, to everyone, and herself for all these years.
Because of you
I fall in stress

My life turns in
A bipolar mess

I smile in the sun
I drench in the rain

I'm happy a minute
The next i'm insane

You are my sun
You are my rain

In love in a minute
The next i'm in pain
  Aug 2014 Camille Marie
Emma Pickwick
Tell me we are nothing.
Tell me we are nothing so I won't have to worry where you are going when you say you can't tonight,
When you cancel last minute,
When you make strange excuses.
Tell me we are nothing so I don't get invested and I don't think about what I'll wear when I see you or what you're doing right now.
Please, please, tell me we are nothing so I don't cry when you disappear, so I don't tell you everything, so I don't think I am special.  
Please tell me we are nothing.
I don't want to fall asleep with you and just be a shadow in the background of your love.
Please tell me we are nothing.
  Aug 2014 Camille Marie
Why do we
clutch so
the things
that hurt us
most and
watch as it
burns right
Our skin?
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