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  Jul 2017 Harly A Quinn
Paul Andrews
Broken recognizes broken.
Two broken souls will find each other,
and hang on for life.
If broken recognizes broken
and I am alone,
am I really broken
have I just not found
someone as broken as me yet?
  Jul 2017 Harly A Quinn
5 year old me
thought it was
sharing things with people
crying with them

12 year old me
thought it was
holding hands
the term "boyfriend"

15 year old me
thought it was

18 year old me
now understands
love comes in many different forms
sometimes in words
sometimes in expressions
sometimes in staying
and sometimes in leaving.
maybe someday i can fully comprehend what love is :")
  Jan 2016 Harly A Quinn
I can feel hurt, and I can feel pain:
Yet I Am Trouble.

Treated like dirt, tainted with Jezebel’s stain:
It seems that I Am Trouble.

Alone in the midst of my inevitable abyss, I shy away from the blame:
Yet I Am Trouble.

A moth billowing, drawn to the chaos – my face seared by my shame…

I try to deny.

But I Am Trouble.
  Jan 2016 Harly A Quinn
Sydney Forma
Parents shield young child eyes
As elders clutch their beating chests
These people look at us and think

"Always causing trouble where ever
they go"
I'm not a bad kid, honestly,
I'm just playing your part
When I'm with my girls, we're always trouble
Harly A Quinn Jan 2016
My parents didn't raise a fighter but its what I am.
So when They give up it kills me
And when I fight and push against what's socially acceptable it hurst them.

Sorry Dad
We all start with blank faces.
Ebony or
Ivory or
Olive or
Anything in between.
Skin so dark they don't sell the shade at Sephora.
Skin so light you've got to mix the color with white to make it match.
Whatever the color, it's all the same skin.

We all start with blank faces
Made of cells and covered in blemishes
Stretched thin across our cheekbones
Or hanging loose and wrinkled with age,
With lines on our foreheads like
for laughing too much.
When did laughter become such a grievous crime?

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become Van Gogh.
With expert brush strokes, we paint.
We coat ourselves with thick layers of pastey goop like Elmer's glue
Paint it on thick to cover our blemishes and red spots
We top it off with pigment like powdered sugar on sweets
Not knowing that the more opaque our makeup is, the more transparent.

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become sculptors
Contouring and contorting to conform to unrealistic standards.
We highlight our best features and conceal the rest.
We conceal the redness of our cheeks just to paint it on again with blush.
We paint wings on our eyes although we'll never fly.

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become victims of consumerism
Spending our money on different shades of the same **** thing
They raise the prices because they know they'll sell it to us anyway
They force it upon us, then shame us for becoming slaves to it
We are the victims and the perpetrators.

We all start with blank faces
… and then we become artists
… and then we become victims
… and then we become warriors

**This is our war paint.
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