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Cass Apr 2017
The small rock representing your birth
engraved deep into a necklace
proving your worth
to the world
and to you

the one sitting there
staring out into a moonlit sky
the thousands of twinkling stars
dapple the sky
as the whooshing wind whispers

the proud dark eyed girl
standing tall along an old wooded pier
the spray of the sea splatters your face with its salt
bellowing waves crash underneath your feet
You belong

And You
are still here
one of many
on this earth
loved and guided
through this life and to the next
and you,
so many people feel out of place here on earth, i wish that i could change this but the ***** truth is, that i can't..  I've always felt different and sort of out of place, I'm still not quite sure why.. maybe because I have different passions/interests that other people, but that burden is mine, not yours, always be who you are.
Kerri Nov 2016
Just as
The worth
of an
Undiscovered gem
Still exists,
She's a hidden beauty.
the inside
of a wave
that curls
Wrapping itself
in it's
Turquoise walls;
It's strong
before it crashes,
then tumbles
into it's desires.
Not many see or appreciate it,
But those who
Dare to brave
Wild swirl
of wonder,
Are left with Fascination
And Dreamy eyes.
Emre Fatih Mar 2016
i feel the blue
of the grass
the orange
of the skies
it's all gray
like a glue
and it ties

my brain
made with rusty brass
hugs with a lie
on the floor they lie
they're in the same tray
poor mama saw that
then she sighed and cried

and day
magical play
darkness of the green
painful it has been
i have no'n to pay
to pass trough the gate
and there'll always be
so grief miseries
or paths of thorns
with bloomed claries

white manes
wings of unicorns
teardrop rains
ocean's pink
the reaper winks
soul is borne
by crimson veins

gold berry teas
in the final peace
we'll be all gone
without worn bones
but the words of saints
say stick and stones

and teardrop rains
the kooky clock warns
Junction point
of your
head and heart

It was all you had to give

And you gave it anyway
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Earl Jane Nov 2015

Dazzling turquoise eyes,
Windows to heavenly love,

Your love is heaven.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3

i love you my all, my life, my happiness, my peace, my comfort, my love, my home, my refuge, my soulmate, my king!!! Meee mooosssttt!!!! <3
PoemFalcon69 Feb 2015
A Turtle,
So Green Was He,
But Also Blue,

A Turtle,
So Nice Was He,
But Also Mean,

A Turtle,
So Human Was He,
But Also A Prisoner,

A Turtle,
So Free Was He,
But Also A Shell,

(The Turtle... You Are)
Night comes slowly
I am anxious to meet you
Your lights are still on
I wander outside in the moonlight

You walk out
In a flowing gown
Just perfect for this night

The moon gives enough sight
For me to watch your eyes
I hand you a wrapped surprise
You kiss me in return

Touching and yearning for
each other in a loving way
Kissing when people aren’t looking
We walk away
from your home
#night #anxious #lights #wander #turquoise #perfect #wrapped #return #yearning #home

— The End —