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Quinn Feb 3
New Life bursts forth
From old shells
Bringing unseen beauty into this world
The sounds of nature quiet
As they sliently gawk
At the newborns
Making they're journey
Towards the ocean
With a bravery unknown to most
Led but an ancient instinct
To slip silently into the waves
Only to return when the time comes
For New Life
To burst forth from old shells
Aruna Jan 27
Black, blue and all the colors together,
Miles and meters could not take a measure,
The mystery so deep below,
No digging could make people know,
The crawlers, swimmers and the squishers of dye,
Under the blankets of waves they lie,
Loneliness never did they know,
Plastic adorned the green one low,
The oils and straws a part of their diet ,
It is becoming rather quiet,
Swimmers now floating,
Oh no !Are they evolving or Perishing.
The clueless cry of the ocean for the poor little dwellers.
Bhill Jun 2019
As we roam about the desert we learn to see what's there
The rocks, the dirt, the cactus, and the wildly blue sky glare

The creatures of this land can take on the heat that's here in stride
Turtles, snakes, and all the lizards take it on, with desert pride

Checking out the rock formations, that took many, many years
Shapes and colors, of these rocks, reflect their beginning, it appears

Reflecting for a minute, while gazing upon this land
Will open up your mind and give you much more than you planned

The desert, as we know it, can be a hostile place for sure
Wonderfully, beautiful and hostile, makes it mystical and so pure...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 154
Picture credit goes to Kevin Monson, our friend
Living in the desert has its visual advantage for sure.  
It seems to inspire some words as well.
Axel May 2019
While I was away,
Girls have been touching their hair with love
And girls were in love with their body like lust

While I was away,
Water have been so clear it made me teared
And ice met with eyes like a deer with a carrot

While I was away,
Diamonds are still in beauty like she's in love with a beast
And golds are like a moon shining bright when the night covers the earth

But when I am here,
The time is ticking backwards and words are read in reverse;
All I see are pain and misery people
And black rainbow isn't just a metaphor anymore.
indah khabar dari rupa.

Self-love is not selfish
Global warming is real
Woman should not be ashamed of their body
Guys should not be ashamed of their feminine
Speak out, your opinion matters!
Talk out, your feelings matter!
Reach out, love isn't endless.
mjad Apr 2019
just as Notre Dame catches fire
does the turtle's situation become dire
as it struggles to get air
because of another plastic snare
one of millions that float aimlessly
Notre Dame will be rebuilt urgently
over one billion dollars raised in days,

but who really needs to be saved?
The amount of money raised for Notre Dame to be rebuilt would be enough to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Just saying.
Matterhorn Feb 2019
There are plenty of fish in the sea;
I should know,
I'm SCUBA certified.

And yet,
It feels as though the reefs
That I frequent
Have stagnated,
Colors weakening.

Perhaps I spend too much time
In the shallows,
Where every kick
Throws up silt,
Stifling the corals and choking the fish.

Fading beauty or
Compromised visibility;
Who's to say
Which plays the bigger part
In my dissatisfaction?

Who knows?
Maybe I just need to switch
To hiking.
© Ethan M. Pfahning
Naptural Mermaid Jan 2019
It’s been told she has the heart of the Sun A bright bronze sphere
That can never turn down fun
Brazen is she towards those who stand in her way
Guided by faith, her feet never stray
No matter the currents or the strength of the Tides
She goes low when they fly high
Like Hawksbill, Green, Loggerhead and Leatherback
She attains the longevity they endure
Her voice is as sweet as the Black Pineapple
Her beauty resembles the Antiguan hibiscus
Some might even say more
For her beauty is something you can’t ignore
Whenever one door closes
She makes one more open
Always giving faith a fighting chance
Whenever the option arises
She always chooses to DANCE!
As the soca rhythm flows into her blood steam
And the bright colors of carnival collide
There outshining the others
You can find the person I call my “MOM”
My Antiguan Queen
Always representing red white black blue and gold pride
"The most important part, is the part that hurts"

~John Green
This quote just hit home

Book recommended: Turtles All the Way Down.
Gracie Nov 2018
There are turtles dying in the sea
and it's all down to you and me.
We throw plastic carelessly
into a place that we can't see.

We are also killing all the trees
and it's all down to you and me.
We cut them down so carelessly
it's so bad but we can't see.

We're killing off all our bees
and it's all down to you and me.
We take their plants so carelessly
but it doesn't affect us right? I guess you can't see.

That the turtles are carefully
helping you and me
and the trees you destroy carelessly
are giving us oxygen daily.
And I know you don't care about those bees
but they actually protect you and me
and without them, well I don't want to see
a world without them on the daily.
everyone needs to be aware of how our thoughtless acts are destroying the world. even small things like recycling make such a huge impact on the world, even if it doesn't directly affect you.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
The Artist

I need a Muse.  
Do you think it could be you?
Can you pick up a paint brush
And show me what you can do?

I need a painter of portraits;
To fill in the gaps inside my head.
I need a Goddess of Love,
To notice the stuff I write in my bed.

I need an Artist, who is simply magnificent,
A breath-taking vision, who is simply Heaven sent.
I need an Angel to paint me a Picasso,
Of my poetry in pieces, before I end up like Van Gogh.

Slightly impaired by deafness, I guess.
Going grey now; thank you stress.

Hi Mona, how’s Rembrandt?
He’s been seen drinking in a bar,
With someone called Cezanne?

Call Michelangelo; Donatello will have a plan.
Leonardo’s busy with his inventions,
But here comes Raphael.
Turtle Power!  Hi Master Splinter.
Do you have your easel and paints ready,
To see you through the winter?

Paint me a story
And I’ll write you a picture.
I think if the two of us worked together,
What I see, to you, could become much clearer.

Are you sat there looking for some inspiration?
Then read one of my poems, sing one of my songs;
Maybe then you could paint our creation.
Maybe then, I could write poetry about your art.

My vision brought to life,
With the gift of your care.
Paint a picture of us together,
So you will remember that I will always be there.

If you ever need some inspiration,
Just creep inside my mind for a little vacation;
An escape from reality, or from your personal Demon’s.
You will see we are all the same;
I have as many foibles as you do.

My heart belongs to any Woman who truly wants it;
But she hasn’t told me how she feels yet,
So I guess I can’t live without it.

But soon I will meet someone
And offer them my love;
Because an artist without inspiration,
Is like a poet who has never been in love.

Joyous tragedy! Shakespeare laughs,
As he tears apart love with just a couple of paragraphs.
Dead and gone!  Not our fair Juliet.
If Romeo had just gone home instead,
He would have turned into a moody poet.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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