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dailythoughts Aug 2021
sitting still with moving thoughts
pretending nothing can break me more
you come and go like the wind
leave me wondering if I should feel warm or cold

suffering for sanity
only smiles on my face
guts are sickened of my imagery frame
praying for a better God’s plan

every once awhile I win the battle
of sanity and peace within
there you come again with twisted turns
blurring my worth with your twisted says
PM Oct 2020
Ups and downs all day long.
Going from smiling to tears,
it's impossible to understand
this roller coaster of emotions.
From happiness out of nowhere.
Where I can jump off the walls
to a complete fall to sadness
where I just seem to break down.
A break down coming from nowhere.

This is my daily roller coaster life,
with dips and turns all day long.
Unable to keep up with myself.
Annika J Feb 2020
Twists and turns, riddles and layers
Are you a chessmaster or just a player?
How much do you know, do you really know at all?
Can you trust anyone to catch you when you fall?

In the end, behind every tangle
Behind pain and memories and words that mangle
One mantra of mine I've often said while I've fought
Turns out to be truer than I originally thought...
People have a lot of layers to them, and tonight I pulled back yet another on one of my closest friends. I've learned a lot about him these past few hours... all good things, in the end.

PS: The mantra I was referring to is "Love always wins."
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
One day
You gonna look back
Things you lost
Worth a ******
Harsh reality
Not a trap
Love you discarded
Was not crap
Keeper you left
Digger you bed
No bed of roses
Thorns awaits
Turn of events
You never thought
One day
You gonna look back
Malupit truth
You can’t change that.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When the world feels
like one big maze
full of twists and turns
and mostly dead ends,
I take  time-out
to do philosophy
which clarifies
my emotions and thoughts
and progresses my mind
towards the wisdom
I need to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2019
bony branches reach,
fingers point to wisps
bottomless sky trembles,
finches tread the clouds;
a question.

chilly breath rattles,
nature's coo darkens
waves of grey grow infinite,
deep grumbles follow;
an answer.

deciduous skeletons sway
dry leaves cackle
winds hum indifferently,
sinister growls emanate;
a warning.

bitter air swirls,
dark hatred billows,
rolling mistrust encroaches,
blanketing the stillness;
a threat.

viscous jaws snap,
energy laps at dry bark,
brief clarity,
deadly faze;
a strike.

woods slits into flame,
smoke oozes from its shelter
fire coughs sparks west,
destruction on its way
a battle.

droplets of forgiveness,
ashes sizzle into ink
soot dissolves away
war's footprint revealed;
a recession.
a gentle nod to 7/4/17
the damage renewed beneath unearthed soil.
Rohan P Aug 2018
the body turns
and trembles
and opens

you didn't tell
me that the green
was closing in

but the fence nailed
and turns
and trembles.

Even the Ocean

With all of its might
And all of its momentum

Can't stop its tides from shifting
Or tell the wind which way to blow

Written: June 4, 2018

All rights reserved.
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