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bony branches reach,
fingers point to wisps
bottomless sky trembles,
finches tread the clouds;
a question.

chilly breath rattles,
nature's coo darkens
waves of grey grow infinite,
deep grumbles follow;
an answer.

deciduous skeletons sway
dry leaves cackle
winds hum indifferently,
sinister growls emanate;
a warning.

bitter air swirls,
dark hatred billows,
rolling mistrust encroaches,
blanketing the stillness;
a threat.

viscous jaws snap,
energy laps at dry bark,
brief clarity,
deadly faze;
a strike.

woods slits into flame,
smoke oozes from its shelter
fire coughs sparks west,
destruction on its way
a battle.

droplets of forgiveness,
ashes sizzle into ink
soot dissolves away
war's footprint revealed;
a recession.
a gentle nod to 7/4/17
the damage renewed beneath unearthed soil.
Johnny walker Apr 28
I still feel the passion of Helen's kissing upon my lips still feel her, exploring her nakedness with my hands fondling her
lovely ample
I would bury my face between them the sent of her beautiful perfume filling my nostrils tweaking her stiffening *******
them with my
tongue taking them
In my lips like a baby at Its mother's breast at feeding time sensation going through my body
Helen body
with pleasure laying on top
her our bodies giving way to excitement Helen beginning to arch
even more with
the ******
of my
whilst I'm kissing her soft ******* then moving to
her mouth the kisses
becoming more like animal passion
lost In pure
of ******* to my
sweetheart then to
****** together In harmony like a
burst of
the final explosion burst of excitement a shame I
will never experience
this ever again
but the memories of those magical times will remain
forever just to write
of those
turns me on even now
and that Is more than enough to carry me through the rest
of my
days for true love never
dies It lives on In hearts and memories of the
loved left behind
down through
generations those
yet to be
True love never does but lives on through the loved ones left behind and on through generations to even those not yet born
Melanchony, strikes,
As the words of 'morrow and yesterday
Collide with the memories of crystal years
Long gone.

Treachery, shed,
Of the eyes that held the torrents
Of black seas and drowning sailormen
Hope-filled for voyages.
Seagulls abound.

Melodies, heard,
Of the heavens up high beyond yonder
Clouds wafting in a demonic dance
Almost whispering
Almost calling
Breeze a-whistling.

Ancient walls built up with
Perspiration and efforts on the high-calling
Somewhere in the back of
One's mind.

Delicately woven with golden silks of
The past is always something melancholic and the future unknown and of hope.

Partially getting back into my stride!!! :)
Rohan Press Aug 2018
the body turns
and trembles
and opens

you didn't tell
me that the green
was closing in

but the fence nailed
and turns
and trembles.

Even the Ocean

With all of its might
And all of its momentum

Can't stop its tides from shifting
Or tell the wind which way to blow

Written: June 4, 2018

All rights reserved.
Maria Etre Mar 2018
It goes beyond
the voices in your head
to tap
into the
beats of your heart
unplanned surprises, twists and turns
Camryn Feb 2018
I thought
The straight road
Would be
Fast and
But it turns out
There's more turns
Than one would think
On a
Alan S Bailey Jun 2017
A feeling, a thought, an idea,
Asking only what I must feel,
There is nothing here that's real.
This is the vague truth of my life,
Continue on like I never heal.

This is how everything always ends,
I hated to bring you down, your world,
Between the sips of a cold blue drink
On some hidden island with **** girls.

You can always live my dream,
I get the lonely stuffy room and plain meals,
Combined with the fact that they still
Aren't any consolation to how I feel.

And those who either romanticize it,
Those who won't share any space with me,
Or for those who want me to be a disgrace,
Those who want me to disappear someplace.

You're the one who brought me down,
Was it fun? Do you still get feelings of
Happy-go-lucky hate fuel watching me
Drowned? It'll end bad-when you're still around.

You'll be seeing stars for a long time.

*Just watch as the gold-white sun, moon, the very earth
Turns as bright, as colorful as the pain I feel,
In the end you'll have only days before an
End for this way of life, one that is truly unreal.
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