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Mar 2016
i feel the blue
of the grass
the orange
of the skies
it's all gray
like a glue
and it ties

my brain
made with rusty brass
hugs with a lie
on the floor they lie
they're in the same tray
poor mama saw that
then she sighed and cried

and day
magical play
darkness of the green
painful it has been
i have no'n to pay
to pass trough the gate
and there'll always be
so grief miseries
or paths of thorns
with bloomed claries

white manes
wings of unicorns
teardrop rains
ocean's pink
the reaper winks
soul is borne
by crimson veins

gold berry teas
in the final peace
we'll be all gone
without worn bones
but the words of saints
say stick and stones

and teardrop rains
the kooky clock warns
Emre Fatih
Written by
Emre Fatih  Δ°stanbul
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