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Looking at the smiling faces
The happiness lost
in the old graying photos
forming into blank stares
rouge on cheeks
hinting the interest of
glossy lips
brightening tooth-filled smiles
perfectly manicured nails
glinting in the sun
lost in translation
from a life imprinted image
that could never wholly encapsulate
that one moment of
that one day
that now seems thousands upon thousands
of miles away
I always thought we were the perfect match.
But matches are meant
                                   to ignite
                                         and burn out.
your boots send shivers across ice as thin as paper
wisps of snow float through the air
you can't help but think
as the cracks in the ice circle around you like a web
about all the times you kept walking
when the people who loved you most cried your name out in vain
when you locked your eyes on the ground with your head down
no time wasted but no time spent well
you think of your ignorance
when you refused to let anyone help

you realize all the things you should've done
you feel the empty lurch of your stomach as the ice breaks
as you fall to a freezing death
thinking - if only

if only I had kept my head up high
if only I had smiled just that once
if only I hadn't pushed all my friends away
if only I had listened

if only I had read the sign that said,
'thin ice'
heyyy <3 its been awhile
1 knife
2 hands
3 tears
4 regrets
5 wishes
6 people loved and lost
7 friends gone
8 souls circling
9 times I tried
the 10th time I will succeed

too many lives changed..

too many to count.
just thinking... if only BB was here....
Is living a life worth living,
really living?

Meeting deadlines
a goal

making promises
that are always broken
never kept
sold like drugs on the black market

waking up each day
knowing that you won't meet that deadline
that you won't reach that goal
that you broke a promise
that you have failed.

So ask yourself
Did I meet that deadline?
Did I keep that promise?
Have I reached my goal?
Have I lived my life to the fullest?
Or have I gone beyond the limits?
How have I done this?
And how can I share this virtue with others?
Will I fail?
or will my life end up being everything I wanted it to be
And more.
Hi everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long. I blame School, work, classes, etc...

Ok, love you guys! Byeee
The sweetness of her voice lingers
holding the room within her innocence
remembering the day years ago
when she sang the melodious tune
sharper and duller
louder and softer
captivating the entire room with her voice
all eyes transfixed upon the beauty standing tall
proudly daring the world to compete
an attempt to match
the stunning voice

I blink twice,
then again
the once glowing white floored stage
is scuffed and broken
the massive shiny circular tables
covered in white sheets
making the room look like a ghost's playhouse
then I remember
it was years ago
it feels like only minutes have passed
from the bellowing audience
and the dazzling acts
to the hurricane that ripped apart the roof
then to the debris scattered about the floor
no one had bothered to clean it up
then why should I?
And I run to you,
with aching legs
and an aching heart
I run into your arms
closing my eyes
In hopes as to never forget this moment

and with soft promises of tomorrow.
tiny whispers of "I love you"
silent prayers that this wouldn't be the last time
A kiss on my forehead
holding me close to your chest
tears in our eyes
sadness overflowing
onto the pine needles crunching beneath our bare feet

Delicate hands on soft cheeks
"I have to go.."
Sadness sparks again in your eyes
"I love you."
"I love you too."

We break away,
only to stare at each other for another minute
our hands and our eyes locked together

carried away by the wind
"Rem em mber  m me  e.."
And our hands part
We break our gaze
More tears.
I'd never seen you cry before.

That moment.
the one moment where you are at the point between sanity and insanity.
the worst moment
but the best
the one that seems to last forever
but is gone in the blink of an eye
The breaking moment

"I love you"

We both retreat back into the safety of the darkness
Ok, I should stop now. I'm sorry, these past few days have been pretty hard for me.. I miss the second home I've created for myself when I went away.
I love you Lara,
from your "little sister."
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