It's dangerous,
The way I've sewn parts of you
Through every fibre of my being.

Now that you've messed up
All I can hear at random times
Is a tearing sound,
Like when you rip apart cloth.

Little by little
With every anxious thought
I rip you out.

Little by little
I try to forgive you,
Rethreading to repair.

What kind of tapestry
Will I be in the end?
Betrayed. And it ***** to rebuild trust.
Chelsea Rae Oct 9
I felt the birds in your spirit
From the moment I met you
And I feared the day your flitty
Heart would migrate you elsewhere.

Now that it's time
I just want to be your shelter before winter.
Even as guilty as it'd make me feel to be your cage,
Just this once,
You're the one I don't want to watch
Fly away.
Please don't leave me. I'm happy you're happy but it freaking hurts to say goodbye.
Chelsea Rae Oct 9
I'm angry
At the lack of effortlessness
It takes others to show another human being,
Stranger or not,
Love and respect.
Chelsea Rae Oct 1
My staring contests with the night sky
Always result in me being homesick.
A pit deep in my stomach and I swear
I can hear
A faint laugh in the universe,
Mocking my never-ending
Expectation, that if I stare harder
That a miracle will happen.

I'm almost positive though
That it's all in my head and
Im just upset that the world keeps spinning,
Even when
Your heart begs something
To be there for you.
Chelsea Rae Sep 22
Sometimes I wish your heartbeat
Would tell me the stories you might have forgotten.
Things that slipped your mind
Pieces of your life that haven't been mentioned just yet,
So I could have a bedtime story
Lull me to sleep
In replacement of the thumping instead.
His chest is the best pillow.
Chelsea Rae Sep 7
Does he really love these stretch marks as he kisses along the deep purple, jagged indents in my skin?

How can he stare at this body
When I cant be in front of the mirror for longer than 2 minutes?

My belly the size of a watermelon for the 2nd time by no plan by the two of us.

I can't understand how he smiles everytime I change
Or how he still likes to whisper my name
But I'm lucky
To still feel loved by someone
Even though right now
That someone isn't me.
I wish I looked better.
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