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I still am not entirely sure if free will or fate exists
if somehow in this chaoticly ordered universe that they overlap randomly in time.
Chelsea Rae Sep 2
Life is a **** deal.

No matter how great the cheap thrills, tricks, and food is,

It isn't worth its counterpart.

The pain isn't worth this chaos carnival ride

And the only ones who think it is

Are the clowns.
Life's a joke.
Chelsea Rae May 31
I am not here for your sunshine,
I am here for your storm and waiting on the rain.

I am not here to coddle you
Without at least touching the pain.

It's easy to love a happy, easy going, sunny morning,
But it takes guts to smile through someone's rage.

I will not tolerate dragging weight.
I will break your ******* cage.
The ankle on the chains.

How much longer will we hear the thunder
Before you finally just let it rain?

Rain on me and bring sweet inner alchemy.

Rain, rain, rain,

And be free.
Chelsea Rae May 14
See the World as I do,

Or go.
Chelsea Rae Feb 24
You thought you were the angel of death?

You thought you could hide your shadow forever did ya?

How clever you think you are.

Are you excited to play with demons?

Are you excited to see what I can do?
What kind of games I'm capable of?

Fallen angels know nothing of hell.
I'll make your life a living hell:)
Try me.
  Feb 19 Chelsea Rae
John Prophet
Away from
Seeing things
From a
different angle.
Like 2D world
3D world.
Safe in
Content in
Best not
to know.
Safer, limited.
Tough enough
as is!
Mind blowing
it be.
  Feb 18 Chelsea Rae
Grace E
Enjoying creature comforts
Is by no means the reason for my existence.
But my oh my,
How they make the load of life
So much more bearable.
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