Sometimes I wish I'd never opened the door to motherhood
Because its tearing me apart that there's going to be just as many last times as there were first times.

I wish I could freeze these moments
To live in them again,
If not forever.
I cherish holding your tiny feet while they still fit in my hand
As you sprawl out on the couch
And for now,
Lay on me to feel safe.
Almost 2. Too big for me.
Sometimes I think of taking this skin off like a jacket to show my soul
But then I remember,
The world is a cold and frozen place.
Sometimes I just wish people could see my and know me right off the bat.
No time needed.
Chelsea Rae Jul 2
Silence can spread cracks through my heart.
Loneliness like the pressure on broken glass until it finally breaks.
There is no solution for this kind of ache.

My mind blank and my chest slowly heavying,
I stare at a bright white screen
Looking for my remedy.
Chelsea Rae Jul 2
The same scroll and click, scroll and click.





I can't stop.
fuck technology.
Chelsea Rae Jun 23
I'm back tracking my steps to figure out

Where on my journey

I left my soul behind.
Chelsea Rae May 25
I shout at the stars in the night,
I shout in my mind, and
I think my heart even screams sometimes
For any kind of life
To hear my cries for help.

My throat becomes so burnt
That no sound comes out.

My lungs on fire,
Begging for more oxygen to fuel them.

Yet, there is no one.
I wonder,
Is it because we all are walking through the flames?
Stuck in our own pain
That any other's fire
Isn't yet dire enough,
Because you all are still trying
To figure out how to extinguish yours..
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