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  1d Chelsea Rae
I'm desperately searching
For an ounce of permanence
In a world in which
Everything fades to nothingness
Where is my hippie soul?
Who preaches peace in every scenario.
Who loves with no limits
Or conditions.

Fighting the good fight.

He'll lay against the grass and scry the clouds with me.
Positioning flowers in my hair
To make a colorful arrangement.

His gypsy soul never settling down.

His eyes never leaving the stars.
I almost want him to love them
More than me.

Finding passion amongst the trees.

Look for me.

I'm twirling in between the trunks
And if you stare just long enough
You'll see me dancing with them.

Shaking the leaves
As the Earth
Makes love with me.
We await your return my love.
My heart and mind
Need peace and quiet.

Complete silence.

You throw rock after rock
In my pond
And muddy up the water.

All the while
Wondering why you're still not
Seeing clearly.
Our charcoals are dying down
But you are trying to rush in
Breathing as fast as you can
On something that can't
My soul constantly awake now,
With eyes of a newborn
And a heart of a young child.

The mind of a dreamer
Who never sees the ground.

Oh, how I wish
To come back down.

All is elevating
Yet all is falling.

So comes the weight of all wounds
Gone ignored.

A spirit that is ripping,
Achingly torn.

A mind that is breaking
A heart that is sore.

All is elevating
Yet all is falling.

Crumbling underneath
The warrior's calling.
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