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amme Apr 30
People keep asking
why I act like nothing bothers me.

I say
you are what you eat
so once you start to believe
It's bon appetit.

Pull up your sleeves.
There's nothing in life that you can't achieve.
I have lots of up and down days but when I remember what I believe in I don't allow myself to feel down anymore.
amme Mar 13
There will always be confusion where there is ignorance.
Truth is stranger than fiction yet always crystal clear.
amme Dec 2019
Jag undrar, känner Lady vad jag känner?
Bjöd ut henne på middag, ville vara mer än bara vänner.
Opera musik, något fint vin, pasta och ***** frikadeller.
Bildar mig en framtid med henne som vackra akvareller, slurpar upp spaghettin och undrar om hon kommer finnas på andra änden.
Men Lady var intresserad av andra grejer.
Sånt som händer.

Ett snedsteg man lär sig av i livets lidande.
Har ändå inte tid för romantik, måste lufsa vidare.
Bort från tragedi, monarki och slavdrivare.
Bort från folk som berikar sig med att tro att alla andras perspektiv av dom är genom en stjärnkikare.

Men man är ju närsynt som få.
Dammar in dimman vill försvinna, övervinna alla hinder men det är svårt.
Ger eloge till alla er som finner fingret ni kan stoppa ringen på, men förstå.
Paniken som uppstår av insikten att tiden rinner, broar brinner,
tjejer som du känner vill hellre vara dina vänner för dom väntar på Mister grå.

**** it..
Det ba så.
Låt det gå
vilken låt
stå på tå
låt musiken föra dig till morgondagen,
glöm igår.
Låt dom skörda,
fortsätt så.
Tills du når
varje mål.
Låt tiden läka alla sår.
amme Dec 2019
I'm tired of waking up early for my everyday job
I'm sick of putting on my everyday clothes, my everyday shoes and get on my everyday bus eating my everyday food
I do get two days off once a week
But I wish I was off
So I could do my everyday things

I can't believe we spend every day
Wasting our time
Getting more lazy, more effortless, more ignorant

I guess that's what an everyday life do
I bet you have everyday days too...
Every day?
amme Dec 2019
The memories of you is stuck like a gut feeling
I cannot trust myself
New butterflies that slips out of my cocoon
gets digested by a tapeworm.

You used to bleed to the rotation of the moon
Taught me that you and the creator are on same terms

Never needed my help
Like a baboon to your framework
amme Jul 2019
Do I look fat in this?
Only if your perspective is curved.

Do you really like to kiss my thin lips?
More than anything on this earth.

Do my wrinkles bother you?
That's something I never even observed.
Besides, the mark of a face lift would be something you don't deserve.

Understand that
I wouldn't trade one of your fingertips for the whole wide world.
amme Apr 2019
Scoped out all angles to make sure I wouldn't miss.
Obscene obsession to relationships.
Perfect hit, ****, the way you sunk his battleship.
*****, I'm sorry but the feeling amounts to this.
Poor kids gets the same mouth to kiss.

If you keep chasing me you better see,
Silicone, tight clothes and makeup will just make me leave.
Be ready to be,
The mother your children were made to see,
The wife you promised to be,
My partner in crime whenever I'm in need.

And I'll be the man you expect me to be.
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