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amme Apr 29
Scoped out all angles to make sure I wouldn't miss.
Obscene obsession to relationships.
Perfect hit, ****, the way you sunk his battleship.
*****, I'm sorry but the feeling amounts to this.
Poor kids gets the same mouth to kiss.

If you keep chasing me you better see,
Silicone, tight clothes and makeup will just make me leave.
Be ready to be,
The mother your children were made to see,
The wife you promised to be,
My partner in crime whenever I'm in need.

And I'll be the man you expect me to be.
amme Apr 27
Temporary solutions, life long problems.
Predetermined conclusions, evolutionary regression.
amme Jan 20
He walks upright in the night but never evolves.
Drugs in his brain, never a pure thought.
Intruding other peoples business for inclusion.
Surrounded by resonating problems but never comes to a conclusion.
Only wants something if he can use it.
Only turns to god when he wants to be included.
Only looks up to people who does prostitution.
Addicted to the music.
Free will, freedom is whats hes abusing.
amme Nov 2018
I've been beaten, I've been bruised.
I've been loved and I've been used
But through it all I kept my head held high.
Looking for the bright side
But every time it seems to show,
I'm too scared of letting go!
So I run and I hide.
All these feelings inside.

It's time to break the pattern,
And let them see.
All the beauty within me!

Gotta let go,
Gotta let me know
This isn't me.
You know I try to
Let loose
But what happens when they see
The real me.

I'm no good at rejection
So I never aim too high.
Scared of my own reflection
Am I losing my mind.

No this can't be it
This isn't life
Got to get off this ride.
A beautiful song written in a couple of minutes by a good friend of mine "JustLulle". She did not want to show this to anyone but finally gave me permission to post this here. She does not like attention or anything like that but I told her this is too good not to be shown to the public. All credits go to her!
amme Oct 2018
Split personality,
I'm losing my mind.
Don't want to hear your story,
I'm busy with mine.
Not a pretty picture like Gogh,
It's an awful sight.
I'll cut you off from my ears just to avoid a fight.
Tunnel vision in a starry night.
I don't care about squares or straights I only see circles
like copyright in my line of sight.
My frequency is two-toned like morse code,
makes it hard to recite.
I've been gone for too long It's time to phone home,
I hope you copy right.
amme Jul 2018
There is a physical sport but psycological war going on between
The Red and The Blue.

We are very emotional.
We earn trust by being warm hearted, good willing and honest people
yet our frequency growls "warning!" because we strive in chaos.
We are always looking for order and sometimes we find it
and falls so deeply in love with it
It's inevitable that order becomes chaos or is constantly on the run from us.


We are the cold ones
We earn our respect by being hard working, forward driving people.
Like vampires we always seek to feed our thirst but we do it in secret.
Never will you see us emotional because we traded our hearts for endless knowledge.
Loyalty to the one that leads us into the future through
discipline and order because that is the key to evolve.
amme Jun 2018
The lilies bloom in the garden and the soft southern wind blows through capturing the fragrance.
It fills the air with exotic perfume and surrounds a beautiful form.
Yesterday the place was barren and a oblique Stone stood upon the grave.
Now he stands in Majesty as the Lily surround him testifying of one of their own.
For he is coming from the valley of death, the first Lily to bloom in the garden.
A rose without Thorns born of Sharon. Arisen unto perfection he now goes to claim his throne.
As many who doubted look on in amazement he glows with a radiant light. As he slowly fades away he says please don't cry.
The perfume fills the air as a quiet Stillness settles all around. For where Death once r e g i n e d, Beauty now abounds.
For the first flower of the new springtime has blossomed and no more shall man fear death, for Christ the Savior has risen.

Written by - James M Vines.
This poem was written by James M Vines ( ) as a gift to me.
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