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دema flutter Aug 2020
it did not make
me stronger,

it made me break
in new ways
every single time
it trespassed,

it made me adapt
to itself,
camouflage it with its
very antithesis,

and when it had left,
it made me unable to
be the same person I was
before meeting it,

everything but it
felt unwarranted,
barely recognizable
Prevost Aug 2020
And when the flush
hearts orbit each other
until gravity collapses the barriers
and you the fall
with strands of passion and sinew
writhing twisting pulsing
your desires out of you
….into you
alive in the fire of the flesh
the soul and the corporeal
a unison offering sense of the two
oh…. but for the trespass
of the heart
Erin Suurkoivu Nov 2019
There are worse places,
little girl. Worse hells.
This isn’t one of them.
There are depths you haven’t yet seen,
where the dive alone
would **** you.
The sea monster of my depths,
curled still, and waiting,
waiting for me.
I imagine his hand on my ***.
I imagine all the trespasses
I would never let happen
(never again).
There is the scene of the crime—
I’ll be there once again—
I’ll take a photograph of it
where he knew,
despite the hand that he let caress
its way downward, despite
his fingers that fumbled
towards ecstasy,
he knew—
he knew
that he never should have touched me.
The conversation about consent should have started a long time ago.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Open my eyes; frozen and dry
I see your face rarely smile
Your trust never left me behind
Who's holding the Ace; when and where and why?

Keeping us in far distance; why?
Is the race really worthwhile?
Courage to disgrace in blind
Retrace; rational database won't lie

Barricade; between us high up sky
Trespass fury field to tie
Sacrifice like samurai
Give advise with precise; to qualify
Shanath Sep 2017
Two sticks of bones
Laid with meat and muscles over
Cradling a devil in its fold.

The devil rises with heat
Satiated when pain is inflicted
Upon the weak.

In the midst of life
And blood and the hidden
There is an abode, a heaven.

Their chest and thighs pour
Their soul and lust
There is pleasure, there is pain.

But not all pain is pleasure.
Ask the skirts with melting limbs
Played with by the stick owners.

They violate, they tresspass
Tear them limb to limb apart
Blood is a colour they own but despise.

Parted are the weak barks
Exposed is their bottled bodies,
Their insides poisoned with sap.

Their mouths tore
To steal laughter
But what escapes are scream.

The devil in the folds
Rears its ugly head
And burnt is the heaven.

Life giving land is made to bleed
And the pillars of faith are shook
Hands to caress, strangle the own.

They are the weak
In a world of lust
They fear the devil and hate themselves.

Not all who bleed
Wish they did,
Watch those covered little girls

They have been once uncovered.
Nightmares and stories
thegirlwhowrites Feb 2017
heartbreaks are mere doors
we choose to open,
and love is but trespass
we welcome in our hearts

Go across my gate
And i will know your name
And i will get my shotgun
And eliminate your vein

Trespass on my land
And you will not know your fate
Until you start to lose your mind
When you start to bleed and fade

My land is wet
With blood of the fallen
Done in by my hand
Start moving, stop stalling

Trespass on wet land
And you will fall as well
And join your fallen comrades
Join them down in hell

For my shotgun is war
And my finger, be politics
Your vanity, vengeance
My mind, corrupt government

This is how the world works
This, humanity at its core
All of us, in vengeance
We are damning ourselves more.
quit while your ahead, forgive your enemy, and be well
Batool Aug 2015
One black night
thinking about reality of life
she, unknowingly let her mind
in the forbidden land
ruled by darkness,
the place where demons lurk
and attack every thought
trespassing the territory
the next morning
she found her thoughts
at that moment she realised
this is the reality of life!!
But it was so late
that nothing could be done,
she now was the
prisoner of the forbidden
and that was her
Karen Newell Sep 2014
He sits on the porch
with a shotgun on his knee,
and a mean dog growling low,
daring anyone to sniff
around his exotic flower.
Who could ever be tempted?
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