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Opal Wood Apr 2020
You see you lied to me
Promised you loved me
You're a user
You abused my trust
Now I'm finally realising
I was used by the one cared for
Erin Suurkoivu Nov 2019
There are worse places,
little girl. Worse hells.
This isn’t one of them.
There are depths you haven’t yet seen,
where the dive alone
would **** you.
The sea monster of my depths,
curled still, and waiting,
waiting for me.
I imagine his hand on my ***.
I imagine all the trespasses
I would never let happen
(never again).
There is the scene of the crime—
I’ll be there once again—
I’ll take a photograph of it
where he knew,
despite the hand that he let caress
its way downward, despite
his fingers that fumbled
towards ecstasy,
he knew—
he knew
that he never should have touched me.
The conversation about consent should have started a long time ago.

— The End —