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I catched a glimpse of you,
Running through the moonlight.
You climbed the barricades again,
Because you fight day and night.

I didn't see your face that night,
But I know you looked beautiful.
And even though there's chaos here,
You made my world feel peaceful

I see you standing there, every day,
Waving the big red flag.
But you're so far ahead of it.
It's not the revolution, it's me, you outdrag,

I see you fight here all the time,
And I get filled with pride.
So as long as we'll stand on the barricade together,
We don't have to hide.

You are my barricade boy,
And the revolution is ours.
And someday we'll fill the world,
With black and red flowers
"Enjolras" I heard you whisper. Änd what's your name-" But our lips met before I could whisper back. "My name's Grantaire."
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Open my eyes; frozen and dry
I see your face rarely smile
Your trust never left me behind
Who's holding the Ace; when and where and why?

Keeping us in far distance; why?
Is the race really worthwhile?
Courage to disgrace in blind
Retrace; rational database won't lie

Barricade; between us high up sky
Trespass fury field to tie
Sacrifice like samurai
Give advise with precise; to qualify
KM Hanslik Jun 2018
I learn to hibernate in layers, I keep
different peoples' secrets tucked into the folds
and pockets of my clothing, or injected directly
into my veins where the softness can soothe
any leftover ache. I dilute
my blood with better safe than sorry, as if saying that
will make up for all the could-have-beens and missed chances
that I make excuses for.

I'm slowly learning
not to feel so much, I press words onto pages now instead
of into people. We can't keep counting up
everything we've lost forever, that isn't
how this works. We were meant for more
than paper promises and paper dreams, we were meant
to lose our breath when the sun hits our eyes and I'm trying
to expand my heart now instead of clinging
to the half-spoken things that still rest under layers of dust on
my nightstand.

I kiss
my palms before turning up empty at your doorstep, I tread
softly over property lines that read do not disturb;
my tongue knows better how
to ask permission than anything else.
It's hard to tell lately what I'm becoming, if it's
simply a replica of an older version or maybe something
new & unrecognizable - other people have pressed
themselves so far into me, I don't think these leftover marks
will grow out; maybe I'm shaped by whatever
crosses my path every day and maybe I'm supposed to live
for all the dreams that were cut short before
they took flight.

Teach me how to pour these colors into new moldings, cast
my promises along the same lines as fate;
it's getting late now and I'm slipping into the fog where everything unspoken haunts me
just the same as when I'm awake.
I'm feeling this sense of responsibility in every inch
of my hemispheres,
warm and heavy in my brain, weighing
me to some reality where duty matters more than
my life. Keep me grounded so that I do not drift along
the breeze with the scattered notion
that our lives amount to anything more than
the soft skins we try to harden;
we are all small and easily bruised in the end, but that never stopped me
from lining my lungs with the world's illnesses, from storing
the battered remains of your dreams behind
my eyelids, it never stopped
us from throwing our bodies around, thinking our soft flesh
can catch bullets and barricade
others against the diseases that try to wrap themselves
around our skeletons - mine is melded with
the remainder of what could have been if I'd been braver, but I'm going
to try harder now, I'm going
to re-write our stories so that you can rest
all your burdens beside mine, and I'll catch
all the shrapnel and debris for you.
Debra Lea Ryan Aug 2016
My Weakness is no longer an Obstacle
And this sense of loss is not true
It was manufactured over time

From what I thought could be
Was simply not a  reality
No confirmation of knowing

Frightened by an Avalanche
I witnessed in a Dream
Clearly revealed the Barricade
I needed to See....

Life is for Living
Living I will
With a purpose of Love

Love & Be Loved & Truly Share That Knowing!
Kit Rose Jul 2016
The smell of gunpowder filled the atmosphere
Blood and sweat suffuses the pavements
I look at you
Out of the blue,
I knew what I was fighting for.

The deafening silence,
Is it really all for freedom?
What is it all for?
I'd like to think there is a reason why we are here.

I see you standing there,
I held your hand,
"I believe in you."
Suddenly, all is clear.
SassyJ Mar 2016
I blew a kiss and you smiled
Your heart shook in tremor
Won't you admit the vacancy?

It's like a field of football
Ball bouncing from sides
For whoever holds it wins

A repressive defence chains
Diseased denial cog wheels
Mind played, tongue slated

Sublimation of eager emotions
Compassed in all directions
Comprehended ridiculoupsity

Sinking stilettos drills deeper
Barbed wire erected to fence
A barricade of a no wait zone

Hedges cut, trimmed to invisible
No allegations stains to appease
Peace to transmute,a game changer
Games people play
Nothing Much May 2015
Between the angry sea and I
There stands a sturdy barricade
A wall of sticks and bones and teeth
Another fortress that I've made

It starts to sway and bend and crack
As waves beat it relentlessly
I rush up with handfuls of mud
Trying to fight away the sea

Eventually the sky turns clear
I take in the flotsam scene
The ocean outside still churns
Just the sea and I, with a wall between
I am an emo twelve-year-old

— The End —