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Last night you're in my dream
you tightly hold my hand
soft sunlight made your face gleamed
you gazed my eyes and said "well planned"

You whispered "you're my right-hand man"
you looked bold, crescendo grows
while I was afriad of the gang "Ku Klux ****"
your twisted smile aglow, like free flow

I want to be your shield and then
with blissful courtly bestow
I bent a kneel for betrothal by Big Ben
in dream, we were brief commandos
Wai Phyo Win
[ 11 October 2019 ]
Many people come to my life
only few come to my heart
may be one or two
but for life

Then left me, abandoned me
when they needed to do so
I have to let them go
nothing I can do

I did the same thing
once or twice in life
nothing they can do
they have to let me go

Is that human nature?
or paying the sin of debt?
So painful

How can I stop this?
How can I survive with this?
Have you got answer?
Wai Phyo Win©
[ 1 August 2010 ]
Yes, ma'am can I help?
Certainly, we do sell loves and hearts
Collectors’ choice and new season just came in
Is there any particular are you looking for?
That’s over there, I’ll show you

We have variety
If you are a DIY enthusiast
I’d recommend you a broken heart
If you are looking for a fresh one
This ****** love must be yours

We also do antiques
Grantee authenticity!
Old love for an old heart
Endless love for a fragile heart
No, we don’t sell selfish love
Oh sorry, 'love at first sight' already sold out

For you or for present?
Oh I see, how about this romantic love
Best fit for a young heart
Or, we have special one “unconditional love”
If you aim for a life time, it'll never left you
But it’s really expensive, to be honest
How about platonic love for a million hearts

Sorry ma'am we don’t do discount
All the loves and hearts here are branded
No factory outlet, no reject, no past season
You do have a good eyes!
that’s the most popular one
You will never regret for it
Grantee for three years, international

If something wrong with it,
customer service knows automatically
repair with in two sec, or
if parts need to be replaced
within seven to eleven seconds
No, you don't need to call
we don't use hot line numbers anymore

Sorry ma'am, we don’t accept cash or credit
Only accept debit; loves and hearts
If you want loves or hearts,
You must have loves or hearts in your debit
Just turn the corner, you will see “hearts and loves changer”
Here is yours with special packing
Thank you
8Wai Phyo Win
[ 3 August 2010 ]
No longer naive
years of fatique
a true release

can't debrief
what to grief
No strong belief

end of deceit
not to repeat
indeed retreat

what a relief
why proceed?
Wai Phyo Win
[ 1 October 2019 ]
One day; an activity
All muscles - frigitidy
Symptoms of pathology
What's behind physiology?

'Minding it doesn't hurt' - a philosophy
Survival proportional to adaptability
Pain is just a sensory
All senses - derisory

The root: having a corporeal body
Dhamma: acceptability
Impermanance: reality
Attachment - orginality
Wai Phyo Win
[ 2 October 2018 ]
Wai Phyo Win Oct 7
This tree is beautiful surely none can compete
utterly **** for many
when hearts gently meet, either defeat or retreat
so green, curvy branches; you're perfect with tweets
gently moving, slowly dancing, gracfully glancing; a journey
the traces you left, a history
all sweet moves you made legendaries: the memories
that's mistery or mystery
above any sweet honey
Wai Phyo Win
[ 6 September 2019 ]
Wai Phyo Win Oct 7
The puppetry arrays induce
Portraying their best
When they dance what puppeteers ******
The life scenarios throw dicēs to Zeus
they quest to rest, ending in heart attacks
desire peaceful destiny again
who'll pray for puppets, not to be hijacked
forecasting how and where and when
before they rest
Wai Phyo Win
[ 30 September 2019 ]
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