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Pumping out the poisoned blood
Returns to its beating heart
It flows through all arteries
Turmoiled in the capillaries
Whirlpool in the veins of thirst
Spreading all my body parts

Should I bleed like free flow
Even a foe I let him glow
Like a coin of head and tail
How can I put coffin nails?
If I let go, I shall die
Whom will follow same as mine

Wai Phyo Win
[ 17 February 2019 ]
Wai Phyo Win Jan 18
They know not
what's inside your fragile heart
losing your future a la carte
not to depart from platinic love
a pure chemistry of beautiful art
a sharp saw cannot cut
of the true love that lasts like trust

They know not
I'm climbing the hill to see cloud nine
like commendos ready to fight as they're deployed
crossing stromy ocean destined to enjoy
I'm not letting you wander into the labyrynth
where there is the twisted serpants
their fangs full of toxic substance

They know not
how to plan best for your future
suffer like a cancer cachexia
I'm striving to find a way how to cure
blowing through an embouchure
seven times around the fortress wall closure
making sure it will fall as in book of Joshua

[ 18 January 2018 ]
Wai Phyo Win Jan 16
They know not
I'm pure
You're sure
We're trooper
Wai Phyo Win Jan 14
I don't prefer dark poem
Wish this is not my true slogan
Why my poems became dark
Consequence of my ill past

Starting from my next year
Only note down shining stars
Readers can get full of rejoice
Joie de vivre must survive
Wai Phyo Win Jan 11
Busy! busy! busy!
I do understand your difficulties
There are many times in future
We can alone be together

Try to peace with every one
Once in a year you can come
We can be together everywhere
When you finish your job there

I do busy in these days
Father went away, my son ill
I do wish you peace of mind
you're always sway over mine
Wai Phyo Win Jan 9
Reception so poor
Oh My Dear!
Please forgive us
Connection cannot trust
Will get back you soon
When internet resumed
Wai Phyo Win Jan 7
My only son is in hospital
at Asia Royal"May Thandar Oo" is taking care
Thank you my dear old pal
Please pray for him "get well soon"
My friend tycoons
his friend baboons!
To my only son
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