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Myat Thwe Naing Jul 2019
For all my sadness, i wish
For one day to find peace
And comfort in the sweet embrace
Of someone i love.

Cuz for all my sadness,
I know it’s part of life.
I just wish i werent so alone to go through it.
NuBlaccSoul Apr 2016
I am the broken dream
of the sloppery porter. 
A vase that never survived
the spitting furnace fires.
The clay that cracked
at Man's man-handles of mould.
Some riverside thought,
washed away by the sweeping rains, never created.

I am the seed that never got to see it's flower bloom.
Gone a short summer too soon.
The shelter that could offer no security...warmth...cover
--- my heart.

Uprooted with our home, 
and left me in this haunted house,
Where nothing rattles me more than my thoughts.
When the winds came I caved in.

Thoughts of how I journey through life
On a constant adventure of the unknown.
Where even my own perception of myself
Has been left distorted by how I continue to be left feeling how I am truly estranged,
An unwelcome guest within the confines of what used to be my humble abode.

I'm a stranger around familiar walls that whisper commands of eviction,
Under-breath chants of...
Echoes of...
Soft whispers of...
Gentle shivers from...
Subtle quivers from...
Shattering outbursts of the deafening silence.

Home has become a ghost of spirits ascended,
Of what I probably thought to life,
Of what 'reality' has continued to have me believe is what it should be,
Then again,
All I had was a glimpse into what a misconception I had fallen into the deception of.

Could it be gullibility?
Or perhaps,
Falling into the trap of believing something to be,
Just to fill that void of a missing feeling of belonging, arriving.

“When my house forgives my heart for plundering its walls, we will be home.”
(C) 2016. Phila Dyasi. Nonkululeko Anicia Khumalo. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of authors. || This is another piece for the experimental writing collection, Writings & The Other Things. This is the second collaboration between Azanian king, nublaccsoul and Queen Nonkululeko Anicia Khumalo. The first being the poem titled "AZANIA" which is found here. Today, the 27th of April, is an important day in South Afrika. It is a public holiday known as FREEDOM DAY. “27 April commemorates the day in 1994 when the first democratic election was held in South Africa. Today, South Africa celebrates Freedom Day to mark the liberation of our country and its people from a long period of colonialism and White minority ******* (apartheid).

Apartheid 'officially' began in South Africa in 1948, but colonialism and oppression of the African majority had plagued South Africa since 1652. After decades of resistance, a stalemate between the Liberation Movement and the Apartheid government was reached in 1988.

The ANC, South African Communist Party (SACP), Pan African Congress (PAC) and other organisations were later unbanned on 2 February 1990, and a non-racial constitution was eventually agreed upon and adopted in 1993. On 27 April 1994, the nation finally cast its vote in the first democratic election in the country. The ANC was then voted into power, and Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the President of South Africa on 10 May.

It is important to note however, that "freedom" should mean emancipation from poverty, unemployment, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. We are 15 years into our new democracy and many of these issues are still rife in our country. We are still a long way away from solving many of the legacies of Apartheid and now face new challenges, like the growing inequality among South Africans and political and economic instability in the region caused by a new elite who are interested in pursuing their own interests.

Freedom Day therefore serves as a reminder to us that the guarantee of our freedom requires us to remain permanently vigilant against corruption and the erosion of the values of the Freedom Struggle and to build an active citizenry that will work towards wiping out the legacy of racism, inequality and the promotion of the rights embodied in our constitution.

Further reading: Freedom day, 27 April

• UKZN, Freedom Day Celebrations 27th April, from University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, [online], Available at [Accessed: 21 April 2009]
• OTB, National Freedom Day Celebrations, 27th April 2011, from Out The Box - Productions, [online], Available at [Accessed: 29 April 2014]
Last updated : 28-Apr-2015 ”

This is for NomaFreedom. This is for the children of the rich soil of Afrika. Nonkululeko in known in the anglican language as 'FREEDOM', so the co-author is honoured today. It is interesting as we are born in different time periods in our diversified nation. I was born in 1996, post-democracy and my co-writer was born pre-democracy so this is truly an experience from both sides of time. The poem itself is not about today.

It is what it is. Enjoy.
All praise due to the most High.

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It's the body, mind 'n spirit/
Father Son, Mother God/
I pray you hear it!!!!!
NuBlaccSoul Jan 2016
Till you can’t walk
Till you are sore,
Yet still smiling
from the thrilling experience,
Till you are sweating pleasure
from every pore.
Till your breath murmurs
my first name with every inhale
Till my voice is the only sound
your ears need to hear.

i would
rest my head on your breast
and listen
Enjoy the sweet tunes composed by
every noted word you harmonize

Tales of your life stories before they became entwined with mine
Narratives about your dreams
About who breaks your glassy heart
And what tickles your eye-ducts
into opening a flood of tears.

an inner world of wishes
she deserves beautiful things,
The Nubian Queen,
Sunflower Child.

~ New-Black-SoUl #NBS
inspired and dedicated to my muse - a banquet of beauty, a model of black excellence and a colourful character and a bubbly spirit. God bless her soul.
(c) 2016. Phila Dyasi. All Rights Reserved. Intellectual property of author.
Tumimchunu Aug 2015
Your kisses are like 90s RnB,
Slow and Sensual,
Your touch is like poetry,
Makin' me drift from the usual.
My mind, soul, body,
Being elevated by an individual,
But what can I say?
Cos I'm enjoying being taken away ...
It hasn't been once but thrice,
So you'd think I've had enough now,
Yet everytime I still get enticed,
whenever you're around.
My emotions are in full flight,
and I don't want them coming down.
There's nothing I can say,
Because I'm enjoying being taken away ...

— The End —