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Svetoslav Oct 10
All sailors get drowned by the number as the sea monster devastates their journey. ''Don't ya worry, lads! It will start to rain once we get home,'' was the last sentence the captain said to his mates before the clash. Echoes of cannons and guns, cries are carried in the wind onto distant shores.

Anchors are floating in the waves, on the surface of the sea, drifting downstream. Memories of this event are sealed deep within the sea monster's conscience. Stories about these murders thrill the skin of the sailors that follow. Their wits get consumed with terror. All who dare to sail there analyze their lives. Reaching this ****** domain may be the last sight the sailor will see. And the only concern of the sea monster is-- will there be more fools to pass from here?

This legendary beast returns to the bottom of the sea. Flutes alarm the isle cities as panic arrives as an uninvited guest. Whirlpools swallow the remaining objects of the ship that remained intact after the impact with this mythical creature.
the kraken was once called mythical.
Now it is called the giant squid.
it was discovered once again,
springing back to life,
as though preserved by myth,
Which begs the question,
what has become of ancient dragons?
Decided to try something different today
Ocean: When you are legendary

Utopia of lost Atlantis
Sunken city asleep
Under pillars of larimars
Plato’s wisdom once bestowed
Untold magic and sacred stones

A surge of madness, whips of rain
Battling down the hull of a boat
From beneath the profound chaos
The Kraken, furious, emerges
The ship is wrecked, turned into dust!

Ocean: When you are awe-ful

A breeze flows, ***** sea gloats!
What a beautiful mess- debris floats
With a quest for vengeance
Opposing swells are relentless
Casting spells on the defenseless

The ocean is endless, it's stupendous
Guarded by deep clouds - tremendous
Dreams drown staring at these clouds
Feels proud, someone from the deep down
A half-asleep Kraken screams loud

Ocean: When you are ritualistic

Fresh and salty energetic waves
Diving the dreamer into a megalopolis
Of scaled goddesses performing a ballet
Invited to a very cruel and festive banquet
Colorful, an aquatic aurora borealis of blood

In which the mythical mermaid sings
Skimming her *******, a pendant of aquamarine
She is Pacific, lustrous and libertine
Her voice enchanting the remotest sea-temple
On the surface, the waters suddenly turned red

Ocean: When you are watery hell

On the horizon, the wide blue yonder scribbled
A storm surge, the dreamer lost urge
Hope purged and dwindled, waves got stained
Silently an atrocious maelstrom wiggled
There the sea-temple stood naked and belittled

Resonating to the sound of an unheard curse
From the inside of the mermaid's purse
An enigma, a blank verse - unfathomable
Making the deep not amicable yet diverse
The ocean is inhabitable still, unnavigable

Written between December 17, 2019 and January 17, 2020
Cc Jordan Rains and cc Appoline Romanens
Erin Suurkoivu Nov 2019
There are worse places,
little girl. Worse hells.
This isn’t one of them.
There are depths you haven’t yet seen,
where the dive alone
would **** you.
The sea monster of my depths,
curled still, and waiting,
waiting for me.
I imagine his hand on my ***.
I imagine all the trespasses
I would never let happen
(never again).
There is the scene of the crime—
I’ll be there once again—
I’ll take a photograph of it
where he knew,
despite the hand that he let caress
its way downward, despite
his fingers that fumbled
towards ecstasy,
he knew—
he knew
that he never should have touched me.
The conversation about consent should have started a long time ago.
A Simillacrum Mar 2019
What a vicious punk --
I'm pretty sure he lies about his age.
What's with the bow and ponytail?
Desert skin curtained by auburn,
socketed with emerald eyes.
Who does he think he's fooling?

What a deplorable. . .
I'm pretty sure his skill with a sword
is comparable to beginners.
Pillow lips protect a silver tongue.
While we work, he's in the taverns,
playing at conversation.

What a queer young man --
Even back on Jalima he ruffled
feathers on the goodly wings.
I wouldn't trust a man who would
speak, over choosing violence.
Who does he think he's fooling?
Meanwhile, in Eastham. . .
Catarina Pech May 2017
An enchanted caravel beside the quay,
sailing away from its intimate port
The ocean breeze will decide the way,
seeking adventure of any sort
A siren enchantress, a beautiful sound,
as the ship is precariously careening
A beastly Kraken has been found;
The enchanted crew beseeching,
“Let us please continue our Journey, beast”
The Siren and Kraken seem charmed
The mystical creatures could care in the least,
if the magical crew was harmed
And so the caravel took up its sail,
and turned it on its side
Taking to the skies it would not fail,
among the stars it will hide.
Silverflame Oct 2016
Mayday, my ship is slowly sinking.
Crushed and then consumed by these merciless waters called your lies.
Your apologies came in like the Kraken, destroying every evidence of life.
But I was safe inside my cabin because you know;
the captain is supposed to go down with the ship.
And so I did.
Now I am just a skeleton with pointless memories,
resting at the obscure ocean bottom with my shipwreck.
In the depths, watching, lurking
Duties to perform, never shirking
Drag them down, to the deep unknown
Drag them down, take their souls
Drag them down, make them pay
Drag them down, while far away
A mother lies
A child cries
For the boy
Oh, so young
Who wanted
To be
Invocation Apr 2014
RHCP, my stomach aches
i confuse what could be hunger
with weakness.
another long evening
my last smoke
went missing. my hand
I haven't slept in days.
I search for something.
Will someone catch the paper I've shredded?
My heart's blood spattered across sheepskin
skin torn asunder
hands clenched under
the table

Stop judging me and staring so critically
stare lovingly into my eyes and notice my effortless elegance

I lie when I say I don't want to be noticed.
I am in the process of staying coherent

— The End —