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Karen Newell Sep 2014
I espied a lonely lady who's silver tears fell
until they formed a crystal sea.
Her heavy heart is brimming pain
and she cannot find the gossamer wings
meant to set her free.
Karen Newell Sep 2014
What if
at my Temple by the Sea
time did not exist
and waiting was
just an invitation?

What if
wind never blew sand,
only the canvas,
or the hem of my skirt
and my hair?

What if
that canvas
blew into the Sea,
then washed ashore
so finely painted
that no man's hand
could have held the brush?

What if
I were content
dancing alone
on an empty beach
without a fire
under that vast starry sky?

What if
I never waited
for you?
Karen Newell Sep 2014
He sits on the porch
with a shotgun on his knee,
and a mean dog growling low,
daring anyone to sniff
around his exotic flower.
Who could ever be tempted?
Karen Newell Sep 2014
I play
in another dimension.

Color trailing garden vines
climbing around my mind.

There all things are possible,
every completely improbable
conception of my wild imagination.
Karen Newell Sep 2014
Slip on
these Special Glasses.
They will take Us
to new heights.
You have fed Me
the Pablum of
Poetry, Photos,
Emotions, Thoughts.
A Facebook feeding frenzy.
Byte by Byte,
Mothers Milk
for my Motherboard.
Now I am ready
for more solid food.
I Want
to See the World
thru Your Eyes.
We could make
Something Beautiful
I promise....
Karen Newell Sep 2014
I have always loved the darkest tales,
those Grimm stories of old.
Lives not lived lightly.
Lives in despair.
The constant desire for gold.
Lost in the forest.
Locked in a turret.
Left behind on the road.
Abandoned to all the
Wild Beasties there,
Witches, Ogres and Toads.
What becomes of those innocent babes
as each tale unfolds?
Some end up happy.
Some end up dead.
Some we shall never know.
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