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Now i know
The path have been choosen
A path has closed
But the mind has been open

It could be my memento
Of a tearful past
But i must break those chains
To free my true desire

And it's shame, how could i forget
What makes me human
But i have no lost
Cause my heart screams to face
The winds of change
Hide in the dark
Under a white disguise
Questions you
About the truth

Truth that lies
That burns
Fill my empty garden
That lacks of love

I've been nice
But you don't understand
Everyone's the same
Same pages
Of and old rotten book
I just want to feel some love
Is that so bad?
Maybe i'm a horrid soul
Who don't deserve any of that

I just wanted some comprehension
Cause i'm always the bad guy
Doesn't matter what i say
Not even if it's the truth

All i wanted to hear is:
"I love you for who you are"
But that's too much to ask

Even lies after lies
I don't how i still alive
May my imprisoned soul
Has fall into the void
Gray sky, tell me why
This chains of mine have broke
The mirror of reality
Hurt my soul with thorns

Moon soul
Enlight my way
To not fall
To not give up

I promise
There'll be no more surprises
Im getting down

So show me
Prove me
There is more than fate
Maze of life
Does not describe
How this reality plays

We live or die
Bonded to the destiny
Take me, beauty of soul

Another dread begins
Can you save me?

Or just a masquerade
To show me
The beauty of a rebellion
You may see the sky
Is it really full of stars?

You know the meaning of why
Even if you haven't touched
The imprisoned soul

Have you ever see
That your future is nothing
Than a mere empty sea

With broken dreams
A shattered heart
Is it really fair to keep playing nice?

I don't care
More or less
I'm already dead
In the vast ocean
A cage awaits
Floating in silence
Drowning in violence

A tiny sound
Issued by some chains
When the heart can not stand
And the inmate falls

All i feel
Is my heart crying
And my wings withering away
This reality, is a very harsh prison
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