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Ken Pepiton Aug 2020
Big, big as ever if

big as ever is as
you imagine ever was happening
before you,
ever was
begun for you to be alive in
after time, you think, you remember,
or did you recall

the sense of it all
once, small.
still small
always saying this is good
this is the way,
ya'll come.

none came.
no flock forms, money does not grow
faith, nor faith, money,
it seems we should have known.

having been in the biz,
at the very bottom,
on the streets
pushing hope.

-- do you know who Jesus is?
--- yeah, he loves losers, like you
-- right, that's him,
say hi, tell 'im I sent ya.

I be gwan on downd'road, to'n'fro
findese fellers fallen by the wayside,
so I poke 'm
point'em to the middle way and laugh
at them
until they
run away, one way road reality,
like evolving ideas
passing through
revolving doors

beyond the ken, the know, the knowledge
beyond the pale, the palisade,

the wall, the brink,
the edge of if.
Some days are fun to live as if it is the last, practice makes perfect. Take your time.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
I don't want this
To be understood

Just for a while
Can we think of that time?
Where the leaders don't need to
Trial the trust
Every time

I don't understand how they digest
Inedible ****
I don't understand how smartly we are misguided.
I don't understand their blind supporters.
I don't understand whom they stand for.
I don't understand the basis needs.
I don't understand their priorities.
I don't understand

And I don't want this
To be understood

Being outsider
Jay Nepal
Genre: Observational
Theme:  Humanity above Politics
Author's Note: What if we need the drugs, but are given placebo?
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Let 2020
Jolt your body
Shook the soul
Revive the spirit
Thrive the life
Once again
To be
A whole

At ease
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reason to be
Em MacKenzie Oct 2019
You’re picking every single door
except the one I could never lock.
Consciously you know there could be one more
but you’ll continue on your never ending walk.
“Even though she knows you’d go through Hell,
why would she love you? She knows you too well.”
Accept the truth and I’ll face the wrath,
I am the root but you’re always the path.

We see days and nights at separate times,
they appear the same but differentiate.
I **** on lemons but bathe in the bitterness of limes
encircled in salt; for sugar I’ll have to wait.

What doesn’t **** me only leaves me on the brink of death,
right hand on heart as I lost my left.
I’ll form the only links that I know
and wait to hear, “I told you so.”

I stop short of screaming those crucial words
you don’t need to hear it, they’re engraved in your mind.
Instead I whisper them to the trees, the leaves and birds,
they’re the only company that I find.

What doesn’t **** me only leaves me on the brink of death,
I’ve saved your truth for my last breath.
You’ll find it all in each day with age,
I’ll write it down in a novel; you won’t skip to the last page.
I always needed it more than you’ll ever know,
and you’ll tell yourself “I told you so.”
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
Is Justice
the principles
of how a society should function
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
In contrast,
has modern law
become the powerful and wealthy
imposing their
demands and expectations
on the rest of us?
Is law
the principles of Justice?
Is law
principles which guide the behaviour of every citizen
to facilitate the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
In an ideal
would government
strive to achieve
the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Would leaders
feel compassion
for the joy and happiness
of every citizen?
Would every citizen
feel compassion
for the joy and happiness
of every other citizen?
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
नेपाल बन्द हुँदा, खुल्ला हुँदा
माहुरीलाइ के फरक र ?
उ फुलमै बस्छ, रङ्गको बैचित्रय
शैली : अवलोकन
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
until(citizen = listening OR died){
stopdoopy May 2019
Clerks (and the)
(and) A Serious Man

12 Angry Men (sit)
"A Few Good Men"
(in the) City Of Men

The Fugitive (seems)
(stands with a) Smile

"Scent Of A Woman"
Presto (he says)
(and there would be no) Law Abiding Citizen

"The Gods Must Be Crazy"
(to let) Someone Like Him
Getaway (free)

The Sting (is that)
"Cell 211"
(remains) Empty
The sequel to "The Crime". Once again made from movie titles.

They are definitely gross and specific poems, a comment on society.
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