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Daan 1d
Can you spot the brightest star?
Can you pass the highest bar?
Because it's not at all that
big of a deal.
Bear in mind, to still, be kind.
Bear in sky, never deny
the truth you shine upon us.

We learned so much and talked so little.
Sometimes you yelled and I felt brittle.
Just know we'll always carry night skies
in our feeble tries
to understand the world.
We're all just stuck here, trying to find meaning and sometimes people find it and then they leave.
It's never easy.
Daan 1d
The value of a falling star
is estimated to be far
above the earthly realms habituals.
It overwhelms, then crashes down,
crushing more than just its price.

The beauty, not the coin, is what must
Value for money
Daan 1d
A quick buck to a sick **** is like
everything in the world to a feeling,
sporty type, peddling on a bike
to escape the pending reeling.

What does it mean to you?
What does it mean when someone
buys a new and dashing car
by spreading hate or flashing from afar.

The hard part of the shortest finger
grabs your attention and the tea
the title never mentioned is the
second to make you linger.

Your own backyard is where it resides,
no human based cult-currency,
no picking sides in the current, see
that outside is where it hides.

What is meaningful without money?
What is money without meaning, honey?
You guessed it, yes,
it's meaningless.
Meaningful to you?
Daan Jul 20
Ik heb vroeger iets gevonden
in een zakje vol met kruiden.
Het steentje zat er ongeschonden
nieuwe tijden in te luiden.

Ze had prachtig golvend haar
en zat in dezelfde klas, hetzelfde jaar.
Ik was niet de enige die het die dag
niet durfde vertellen en het al langer zag.

Onze wanten gingen hand in hand,
jouw voeten naar een andere kant
en op maandagen denken we soms nog
aan je oude jonge-kokers-blog.

Ik ben tevreden met *** dat is verlopen.
Ik heb nu genoeg verdiend om andere thee te kopen.
Terug denken mag
maar het verleden? Dat is niet voor nu.
Daan Jul 20
I called, we talked for hours
and the steps we took, the ground we
walked became a path. It was ours
and the days we spent were crowned
to be the warm and cozy bath
you take on wednesdays to get
you through the week.

On saturdays I wait outside my house,
on sundays my time is meaningful
but every other day, I douse myself
in love for you.

Walk home with me, daydreaming detective,
walk home with me and keep giving perspective.
Where should we go next?
Daan Jul 20
I may never sleep for 15 years,
I may never have the greatest ears.
It could be I never find the gold
I dig for, could be I never become old.

Fame, wealth, success and the fruits of inspiration
are merely bonuses to or maybe just preparation
for the lover's taste.
I live truly in knowing that our time together
can never be erased.
Walk home with me
every day
Daan Jul 19
My whole life has lead to this.
Someone else's business is
mine. In return I too get to

I de- and re-construct
to revive the stuck,
to uncover and *****
a brand new artifact.

As leaves they meet, in flight,
in fight, as soft and coloured,
sifting through the slashing sound
until their brown and crunchy remains
fall onto the ground.

I break down to build and then
watch as it breaks down again.
But in a good way. In a way meant to help people become self-sufficient.
(I compare being a therapist to being a writer, composing characters)
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