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heikkitsh Apr 2019
I'm running out of ways,
To tell you how beautiful you are.
I'm running out of time,
To show you what you mean to me.
One day I won't be here,
But these words should remind you
Of how special you were to me.
heikkitsh Dec 2018
Your beauty casts a spell
So strong,
It overshadows
My entire universe.

heikkitsh Sep 2018
forever tortured
by the spell
of your beauty
*Sigh* ... Dear crush...
heikkitsh Sep 2018
Today's WCW is an immaculate woman.
She's an epitome of beauty,
quintessentially feminine,
a paragon of perfection.
This is how I describe the woman I'm in love with at this very hour. She's the most beautiful woman I know. She's the one that sleeps on my mind, the one I crave every day. She's truly an epitome of beauty...
heikkitsh Sep 2018
I want to hold you tight and kiss you.
I want to send chills down your spine,
And make you arch your back in ecstasy.
I want to kiss you,
And not just on your lips;
I want to give you a full body massage -
With my lips, with my tongue.
I want to kiss you reverently,
Till you can't ask for more.
I want to kiss you throughout the night,
All day long, from dawn till dusk.
I want to kiss you at twilight.
I want to kiss you - only You.

— The End —