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I did everything I could to reach you.
Why can't you see?
Were you trapped?
Were you lost?

Day by day I keep telling myself you were the one I wanna be with for the rest of my life.

Why did it end up like this?
Was I the enemy?
I have loved you with all of my heart.
I never faked anything.
I did nothing to hurt you.

My feelings.
My love.
My trust.
My misses for you were true and sincere.

You were my happiness.
You were the one I longed for.
You were the one I was destined to be with.
You were everything I wanted. I needed.

Why did you leave me in the snow?

I found the light in your eyes.
When I hugged you I never wanted to let go.
Now I am trapped in an unknown tundra.

All I see is a frozen-glacial domain where it once was a spring garden field I walked along with you.

I will now have to burn down the winter you've left me in to walk once again into the spring.. even if it's without you.
I was the poem you failed to read
Rifqi Kim Sep 2020
Staying up late because I can't sleep
Wild thoughts running, making me overthink
I feel something bothering me but I can't figure it out
In my head I always have doubts.

I can't open up to anyone, I am scarred
It feel like I was put behind bars
Not by any person but an entity
No other than another me.

Headed outside to get some fresh air
Looking up to the sky so bare
Nothing else but the moon
Alone and I hummed a tune.

From child to adult I needed a companion
Everyone else is busy I had tension
I felt like I was alone broken and bent
Then I remembered the moon has always been my friend.

Up in the sky shining bright at night
Talking to it makes me smile.
The moon at night
Rifqi Kim Sep 2020
Let me go if I am an option,
Let me go if I am not worth your time,
Let me go if I don't matter to you,
Let me go if I mean nothing to you,
Let me go if you can't make time for me,
Let me go if you are ingoring me,
Let me go if we aren't fated to be,
Let me go and you can be free.
Let me go please. I am not an option. I want to be a priority.
Rifqi Kim Sep 2020
Dark grey clouds fill the sky
Strong winds blowing in every direction
Walking alone with nothing to cover myself
I continued my journey in the rain
Drip-drop comes the downpour
Hoping the rain would wash away my pain
It just added more and more pain
No shelter around I pressed on
As the raindrops fell from the sky
I feel hurt
The more I venture the more hurt I felt
Until I arrived at my destination I feel safe
Ending off my journey, I only got scars from the rain.
Rifqi Kim Jul 2020
In a world with infinite choice
In a world with limited space
The moonlight shines bright
You're the one I choose to embrace

There are many fish in the sea but I chose you
The one I see filled with beauty and grace
I still can't read my own feelings
But a smile says it all

In my own reality, I still don't know what love is
Would you show me the way to true love?
Show me what is in your reality
One day we can fly over the horizon

And still in my own reality I still don't know how to love you

I'll leave you be...
Rifqi Kim Sep 2019
the fog is thick
i wander around endlessly
looking for someone
or even a sign of a silhouette
it felt like a maze
calling out if anyone is there
not a sound was heard
walking down this boulevard alone
the night draws
the gentle breeze passes by
the road seems endless
i can't escape
Rifqi Kim Sep 2019
day by day enduring mental and physical pain
what does it feel like to lose yourself?
what does it feel like to lose your mind?
feeling breathless and not able to think straight
hyperventilate and feeling pain in your chest
your heart starts to feel pain as well
worried that you won't be able to carry on
even for days to come
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