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What does it mean to be truly free?

I am not sure.

I know that I am not free, that I may never be.

But I am more free than others

Why does the government decide my freedom for me?

Why can’t I help those dying across the sea?

Why do they decide who I can be?

I’m not sure I’ll ever know true freedom
while living under this system

But I’m not sure how to escape, how to truly be me
MuseumofMax Jan 22
Yesterday I noticed a few blonde hairs mixed in my chestnut brown hair

They blend in until I looked closer
Little strands barely there

They reminded me of when when I was a child

Sunny hair and a freckled face
Bright blue eyes and an always smile
Big front teeth and rosy pink lips

I forget what it felt like to have blonde hair
I forgot what it was to feel free

I know my childhood was not all smiles
Mostly rainy days and hiding away

But I cherish the moments when the sun came out
And I laid in the dewy grass talking to the trees

I remember now how I loved my blonde hair
That glowed under the shining stars

I remember now how I smiled when I looked in the mirror
Loving my reflection, my whole self

Now as I stare at those few blonde hairs
I remember how beautiful I can be
I remember the child that still lives within me

I hope she never leaves
MuseumofMax Jan 18
You have given me a love I cannot understand

I cannot express in words the great joy you bring me

The glee you make me feel in my tummy when you touch me

The shivers I feel when you watch me with those purple-brown eyes

The warmth I feel when you hold me as close as you can so I don’t feel afraid

The relief you bring me knowing I will always be loved by you

No longer left alone, wondering when I will be saved

You opened my door and let the light in

Now we sun bathe in our boxers

We glow with the aura of our souls

Intertwined in one another

Somehow love is not good enough to describe how I feel for you

I am utterly, deeply, wholly devoted to you

My friend, confidant, lover, companion

My forever home

I love you Kobe.
MuseumofMax Dec 2023
I’d like to be a willow tree
Swaying next to a cottage

I’d like to the morning grass
Smelling of fresh dew

I’d like to be the ocean
Calm and steady
Powerful and wise

I’d like to be the warm sand
Letting waves wash it’s surface

I’d like to be a purring cat by a fireplace
Warmed and sleepy

I’d like to feel the bliss

The trees feel

Each time the sun shines brightly

I’d like to feel the sky
As I sit among clouds

I’d like to be a book
Being read for the first time

I’d like to be a painting
To be admired by all

I’d like to be a warm cup
of Chamomile tea

I hope one day
I can like
being me.
MuseumofMax Nov 2023
Hi again,

I’m sorry I avoided you for so long

I’m sorry I hid from the past

Sometimes looking forward is easier than facing the present

For so long I’ve tried to forget parts of you

The parts that I’m afraid of

But to be my whole self

Means looking at all my pieces

Even the ones I tried to loose

I’m sorry I hated you

I’m sorry I stopped caring

I’m sorry I stopped thinking I was beautiful

I hope you can forgive me

For all my imperfect actions

For my ignorance

And for my fear

I hope you can love me again
Like you used to

Do you remember?
MuseumofMax Oct 2023
Did you notice I was gone?
MuseumofMax Sep 2023
I read a book that reminded me of you

It reminded me of the days I wished to find a way out
To go through a door that would lead me somewhere else
somewhere better

I never found that door

And you never got better

I wish you had
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