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Britney Lyn Jun 21
Everything I touch, everything I let into my aching soul, burns.
They turn to ash before my eyes and all I can hear are all of their cries.
I’m toxic, a disease.
My emotions are guarded because if I let them break free,
The things around me set ablaze and I swear this is not just a phase, it’s me.
A villain, not a victim.
So when I warn you not to let me in, to keep on moving along.
It’s for your benefit I swear to you, this illusion, facade, the **** truth.
I’m no good, not for me, not for you.
Britney Lyn Apr 29
Beautiful as the blood dripping from my arm, the dress she wore the color of scarlett.
Hugging her like a second skin, flowing marvelously around her feet in such beauty.
Her hourglass frame a ticking time bomb, her sinful smile the fuse.
The beauty of fatality, a posionous, venomous muse.
Have mercy upon my soul, dear Mercy of mine.
Lovely bones covered in flesh, tongue as sharp as a knife.
Hands that grip the heart that beats, eyes of honey fire.
Catch me please for when I fall, head first towards desire.
Britney Lyn Mar 3
I know, I know it’s hard I really, really do. But if you take a step outside, or open your window and just breath in that fresh cool air. Look at all the building and trees you’ll realize how big and beautiful the world really is. Those trees started as small little seeds and grew into something that gives us shade and oxygen. Those houses started as a small idea in someone’s brain and housed families. That air you’re breathing is for you and you alone. Nobody can breathe that same breath you just took. And you are worth a million more. Trust me.
I wrote this in a message to a friend that was going through a hard time. I thought it was somewhat poetic and deep.
Hope you like it!
Britney Lyn Mar 1
What am I to you? If not a priority than what? A time filler, a toy to be played with, someone to occupy your company when you get lonely? I fear I’ll never truly know the answer, or maybe I’m scared to face the answer I’ve already been given. My brain constantly telling me I’m nothing but a waste of space, a piece of *** who was born for nothing more than your enjoyment and yours alone. The flickers of pain I feel are simply the cards I have been dealt, and there is no arguing with fate. A stake to the heart would hurt less than this poison you’ve spilled into my mouth by the presence of your tongue, is it love? It flows through my being with so much warmth I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference. And how dare I care or feel anything that involves me, myself and I alone, when I’m only meant to feel for you. You remind me constantly of your needs and wants and put to shame my thoughts, how invalid they must be. You trace the scars on my body with your talons, never letting me forget how deeply you are attached to me. I’m tired of fighting a battle that simply cannot be won, of fighting the army that is you, and how much destruction you have caused in your wake. I’m tired, I’ll rip the white dress from my body and lay bare for you in surrender. It’s tattered pieces like a white flag waving.
Britney Lyn Feb 27
Winter winds like cracking whips upon my flesh,
My face blushed with February’s cool kisses.
Walking upon snow cover pavement,
My feet fall like concret upon its blank canvas.
To find peace in something so simple,
To face a frozen tundra with a frozen heart.
Fearful that the cracks could shatter,
Such as the hidden sidewalk underneath.
Snowflakes lick my cheeks, and I to wish to melt with contact.
But I am not of snow, merely a flake in a world of such beauty.
Britney Lyn Jan 16
To the tune of your hypocrisy she lay awake and debate this life that she had grown so accustom to.
A mere glimpse of this plague that you call “truth”, buried deep within your bones, alone, gentle mercy muse.
But beg no more for the fate you’d hope for, vacant; she is not here.
Even a childish girl would see through these words, weeping from the vile that spews from your mouth; lies.
To play on a heart in which strings are frayed, a game in which both sides are doomed.
From what is right and what is wrong, a choice you must make; choose or loose.
Britney Lyn Jan 8
So hear my words and take them in,
I promise you'll see me soon.
On one cold nigh I'll come to you,
My skin reflecting the moon.
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