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Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Worthless, light on a bright sunny day.
Rain after rain after rain, remembered
on a bright sunny day.
Let the reader make the sense/ is it ever yet
Cardboard-Jones May 2021
I hear whispers in my ear.
They're tempting me, they're always here.
They're haunting me.
They're stalking me.
The shadows move once they speak.
I don't know what they want from me.
They're taunting me.

Moon beams shatter the sky.
Bring me the light.
Keep me alive.
I'm not alright.
They have arrived.
Get me through the night.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
I hate how I give up so fast
Love shadow realm too much
So I can't leave it in the past
I often crave the sinful touch

To see face of the devil
How bright appearing to be
Feel the end of this level
Amazed flaws are all I see

Surrounding natural urges
Beauty challenging to resist
Done until thought reemerges
Tempting dark persists
About my difficulties with addiction
Alicia Moore Jul 2020
Some may say that the greatest treat in life is candy;
the temptation of its sweetness longingly lingering on the tongue,
an unsung reliever.
But temptation itself is the only true greatest treat;
the red heat carried through all senses,
marked as the sweetest sin.
Jewels May 2019
Honey oozing out of your mouth as you speak
Glazing my ear with a seductive coat of kindness
Brilliantly beguiling my cartilage into a counterfeit tenderness
Diffusing its blissfully pungent aroma into my nose
Pulling my face towards you
Gracefully tilting my chin up
Eloquently dripping down your lips onto mine
Allowing me to taste your divine ooze
I can’t see your faults I only see your sweet
stopdoopy Jan 2019
Sticky red trickles down her stick
Another beating today

Oh how it's my fault
To dare speak of heart felt truth
Tempting you away from "justice"

Just remember
I may be battered and bruised behind bars
But it's you who broke the law
Ever since I wrote Eurydice and had the line "gone is the warden" I knew I'd do a piece based on it, personally to me it's about a hellish woman (as always), but upon rereading I could see it being about many things. What do you see?
Vexren4000 May 2017
Rivers of pristine water,
Flow through the eddies of my mind,
Dragging with them in the silt,
Memories of places past.
Moments faded away.
The sand brings with it,
A sense of longing,
As I recall,
All of the friends lost,
To the flow of time,
And the cruelty of aging.

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