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Alicia Moore Jul 28
Some may say that the greatest treat in life is candy;
the temptation of its sweetness longingly lingering on the tongue,
an unsung reliever.
But temptation itself is the only true greatest treat;
the red heat carried through all senses,
marked as the sweetest sin.
Jewels May 2019
Honey oozing out of your mouth as you speak
Glazing my ear with a seductive coat of kindness
Brilliantly beguiling my cartilage into a counterfeit tenderness
Diffusing its blissfully pungent aroma into my nose
Pulling my face towards you
Gracefully tilting my chin up
Eloquently dripping down your lips onto mine
Allowing me to taste your divine ooze
I can’t see your faults I only see your sweet
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
No, no more.
I tell myself as my hand
goes for more.
Stop, stop it now.
I try, not it's not working.
You're going to regret this!
I tell myself to stop,
but I can't do it.
I take it.
It's so good.
My stomach grumbles.
And there's the regret.
Too much ice cream.
It's temping! But ice cream is only the start, don't get hooked into back ad dangerous things.
stopdoopy Jan 2019
Sticky red trickles down her stick
Another beating today

Oh how it's my fault
To dare speak of heart felt truth
Tempting you away from "justice"

Just remember
I may be battered and bruised behind bars
But it's you who broke the law
Ever since I wrote Eurydice and had the line "gone is the warden" I knew I'd do a piece based on it, personally to me it's about a hellish woman (as always), but upon rereading I could see it being about many things. What do you see?
Vexren4000 May 2017
Rivers of pristine water,
Flow through the eddies of my mind,
Dragging with them in the silt,
Memories of places past.
Moments faded away.
The sand brings with it,
A sense of longing,
As I recall,
All of the friends lost,
To the flow of time,
And the cruelty of aging.

Mane Omsy Dec 2016
The lines you roared
The people you urged
The crimes you saw
Crimson tridents on the road

So close to unleash the beast
Tempt me again, then regret
Or put complete blame on me
Ever felt wisdom with pride?

Difference between me and you
I reckon violence will boomerang
Naturally or artificially, you don't
Count the debts you'll face in hell
No matter how bad your society is been haunted by wise cruel leaders, they'll be payed back by God or Human. Even if they don't believe it would.
Äŧül Aug 2016
I love your eyes and the eyebrows,
And I love your nose & the lips.

I love your smile and the laughter,
And I love your grimace & the tears.

I love your happiness and the anger,
And I love your innocence & the glamour.

I love your appearance in my dreams,
And I love the lap dance you perform.

I love your sketch in all of my memories,
And I love those curves tempting to sculpt.

I love your memories with all my heart,
And I refuse to give up all hope even if you get married to someone else.
My HP Poem #1117
©Atul Kaushal
To make a women quiver and shake
by only using the power of one's tongue
is quite an amazing feat....
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