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Dercio Lichucha Dec 2020
I dance in the fire
And never burn.
The flames
Roll off my skin.

Like in a dark room
He sees me.
Spinning like a ball of fire.

His breath, shallow.
His shirt, wet.
His eyes, red, with my image.

He stands and walks
Round flames.

But as he leans in for a kiss
He catches fire
And goes
From black to ash

I laugh
As I watch
The wind carry his ashes
Because, I never burn.
She offers up stolen kisses,
Of pilfered lust from other men,
Of lips of empty promises,
To bare her nothingness again.

She clothes herself in nakedness,
Her basic need is to entice,
Her body is her sacredness,
Inviting men to paradise.

She has beauty misunderstood,
Her ugly inside permeates.
Skin deep she’s mistaken for good,
By fools that she humiliates.

She’ll gift a night of fantasy,
And all she’ll ask is for your soul,
She knows you’ll give in willingly
She’s mastered lack of self-control.
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You’re Not The One I Dreamt Of

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
The secretly sinister
Mysterious character
Who was laughing at my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Your face was so different,
Pretentious while diffident,
Toying with falling in love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Inviting my hidden needs
Promising the basest deeds
Manipulating my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
With the lips of a temptress
And eyes of a seductress
Who live in dreams not in love.
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she drove a block
through the middle
of my man and I
she performed it with a
callousness of ply

into his heart
she wormed her way
not a bit of feeling for
me did she display
all the time pretending
to be my friend
but only doing that
in benefiting her own end

she got what she
wanted so badly
my man fell into
her arms gladly
she hooked him
as a seductress
he was so readily
reeled into her caress

she robbed
she robbed
she robbed me blind
she pulled off the greatest robbery
robbing me blind

she took the love
of my life without any regard
only ever caring
for her home yard
she never gave a
thought to my emotions
when using her
sensual potions

my man she did
shrewdly impound
spinning her spider web
around and around
out of our bed
he did stray
she had the bait which
caused our love to fray

she robbed
she robbed
she robbed me blind
she pulled off the greatest robbery
robbing me blind
A poem written in the first person.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
I could have had you.
I was so close.
But, I didn't want you to be #2.
For, you are a rose,
and no rose worthy of my time,
who managed to make it into my rhyme,
would ever be allowed to be a #2.

So now it's just the waiting game.
I wish I could give you all the blame.
So that you can finally leave my mind,
I don't even care if it makes me blind.
but, I like you too much for that.
To let you leave so easily.
I hope you can believe me
When I say, "I like you."

But don't worry, honey.
I'll make it to you eventually,
so for now, I'll learn to kiss.
I'll learn to make love.
I will learn to strip lungs of breath.
And it will all be for you darling.

Because, I'm playing the waiting game.
and I cannot wait till it's my turn.
This is for the bird with no cage.
Andreas Simic Dec 2017
She is a Vulcan
Part Seductress
Part Enigma

She will lure you into her sphere
The sound of her music a trap
You’re unaware of its allure

Like a kiss that captivates your heart
Leaving you wondering is this madness
Until caught in its entanglement

You ask how did I get here
Why was I such easy prey
When will I learn

Yet again shopping around
The fractals have led you wrong
Is this self sacrifice you ponder

Led down a garden path
Betrayed by yearnings thought pure
Her crown like a shiny object reels you in

Her lipstick captivates you
Her eyes like a gravitational pull
Her horns pierce your heart

Like a cigarette burn left unattended
The wound festers like an assassin
Until it feels like a lobotomy

It is only as the poison spreads that you realize
It was all a game to bring on a revolution
Vengeance the end goal

She is an artist vying for your love
Throwing gasoline on our passion
As if struck by lightning the reverberation hits

There is a lesson to be learned
But what
And is it too late

Andreas Simic©
Written for a poetry contest
Äŧül Apr 2017
The seductress has learnt it,
But never has she earned it.
She always lavishly used it,
Pouting it away to ease it.
My HP Poem #1509
©Atul Kaushal
Light House Aug 2016
Those eyes (hide,) whisper, & revea!: all.
Humble, yet seductive.
Green seas: Mysteries. Miss… tear-y ...tress.

F       s   s     e  l
a       e -   n     d
t       l
  h   m

Where does the blue begin,
if the gre en(ds...) never…   …?
variantguy Feb 2015
Your lips
Your eyes
Tell dangerous
sweet lies
to me.

Your *******
Your thighs
Are the places
I fantasize
to be.

Your whispers
drown her cries
As morals
to be.

I give in
Don't realize
I'm your prisoner
And you won't
Set me free.
pookie Jul 2014
Stars above my head,
Gently caress of wind on my face,
The sound of song birds in the distance,
The smell of wild flowers in the meadows below me,

O life how you can be so beautiful.
O life how you can tempt me to be at peace.

Tall moutains around me tall enought to have snow caps resting on top of them,

Forests so lush with life even the deafest ears can here the songs of forest life,

O life you, you tease me with these sweets.

Even as I stand here in this meadow of flowers dressed in moonlight i can not stem this feeling of unease,

It's the knowing that at some point this will end this peace.

Because peace never lasts long.
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