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Darryl M May 8
Look around you,
What if I told you that this Life is full of dreamers.
That’s easy to comprehend, right?
But the main question is, if any of them would enjoy a dream about you?

Unlike dices, you ain’t an easy pick.
Hitting on you would be a gamble with my heart.
Coz you falling for me, seems like a myth.
Diamonds never become fossil.

I don’t own time, but time for you I have.
Forbidden is fake love around you.
Forfeited is your heart to be played with.

A Queen bows not,
But if my Love became the King,
Would your Heart bow?
Yule Feb 2017
she found herself staring too long
a glimpse of those eyes
every features and movement
laid intact in her mind

everything about that blonde
gives her something welcoming
though she tries to get away
risking herself into falling
I just can't...
toots Dec 2016
   You're supposed to be a demon,
       Then why        
am I attracted to you?

   You're the danger,        
      Why                                        ­
          do I feel safe around you?

    What they say is true,
            Then why            
are their thrones fenced?
Lady Bird Sep 2016
broke her heart did he
there was no time to think
was it her fault thought she
a glass of ***** was her drink
was it the glass that he forebid
or the slip of her tongue and sadden face
for told a huge lie is what she did
her heart in her ears poundin at a fast pace
tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes
she dare not look at him any more
for it was him that she despize
that's what she was drinking for
I feel drinking, drugs, or even suicide is NEVER a solution to any temporary problem.
Poet-Whisperer Jan 2015
The old and strong
Do not wither
They stand tall and fast
High and mighty above the rest
Their roots are deep
And cannot be severed with ease
Yet if you try
And god forbid
that you do succeed
A loneliness
A sense of guilt
Will push and pelt at you very soul
Simply, a certain darkness
Will cloud your heart
Leaving you to wander
Haunted by your past mistakes
Knowing that not even
A good nights sleep
Could save you.
Hannah Nov 2014
Young love,
thinking of
school work,
mean jerks
bullying the weak
drugs freak
parents out
teens pout
for money needed
friends pleaded
no more drinks
before they sink
into amnesia
hospitals induced anesthesia
sneaking out
into the moon’s set route
driving fast
to forget the past
late nights
a city’s lights
shining bright
as friends fight
a good mentality
for the harsh brutality
of our society
creating too much anxiety
for the teens
of a world in between
We are the kids
our parents warned us about
because parents forbid
and teens run out.

— The End —