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I want to say
'I love you'
but I'm afraid
of what you'll think.
Will you
just sit there
and look at me
and blink?
Will you smile
and hug me
and tell that
you love me too.
What you'll think,
I don't know.
But I love you,
and that's something  
that I think
you should know.
Unsure of how to say it...
ThatBrokenOne Jan 14
I need you
I need to know that it's okay

To be hurt by you
To be full of pain

I miss you everyday
I miss your presence

Thinking of you causes me pain
Thinking of you causes me tears

Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Please tell me it's okay
Should you kindly tell your tales,
I may blindly slash and flail,

Send the ink to paper and scribe the thoughts in immortal time.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I held Helen In my arms
kissed her sweet lips that
tasted so good moments
that have come and gone but still so fresh In my mind
the first time I saw and
felt so guilty of ******* her with my eyes but she was so beautiful such a pretty figure
the first time I had  seen Helen In all her glory my excitement
uncontrollable I shall never forget all those wonderful
memorise such a lucky man I was to have loved Helen and lived to tell all about
Wonderful memories of Helen
precious moments spent together, and that I've lived tell of het
The writer's mind,
Thoughts unwind,

Bring unto me your curiosities,
Your challenges and fears,
Your joys and salvations,

If I may,
I will speak your stories to my pen and paper,
Your thoughts unbound,

Speak to me your soul,
And forevermore may your tales speak to me,
Back to the writer's mind.

~Robert van Lingen
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
You feel like a Dream,
Whom i daydream,
Every night with Moonbeam..

Clear i tell,
Bound by your Spell,
Yes i fell,
For your deep eyes citadel..

I know you know,
Why don't you show,
At least say NO,
Before my hopes grow..

But you just a dream,
Which will end by outdream..
I like a boy who feel like a dream. I know he know about my feelings,but e doesn't show it. Enough with this torture, Just say NO and let me get over it now.
Elmo Cross Dec 2018
If only I could say I love you
I would shout it out everyday
If only I could say I need you
With you by my side, I will forever stay

If only I could hug you
I will never release my hold on you
And If only I could always be with you
I would always sing and play for you

What is the value of these lines?
When you cannot ever hear them
If God is not yet giving me signs
Should I rush them?

I know someday you will see
All the poems and words I made
For no words are left unseen
And I promise you that these promises will never fade

Will all my heart I promise
that these words will never be kept unsaid
And with my life I promise
That my love for you will never end

I love you.
I have so much to say about you G. I can't wait for that final moment. ❤️
underestimated Dec 2018
You always know how to say the most perfect things
You always know when somethings not right
You know me better than I know me
You teach me the truth
You tell me what I need to hear
Not what I want to hear but what I need to hear
Thank you
For being the best thing that has ever happened to me
Thank you.
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
Thanks, this is nice
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