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I asked for opportunities,
They said i should search.

I searched in all available channels,
They said i should apply.

I applied for everything,
They said i should be qualified.

Then i told them, I am hungry!
They promised a viand.

I reminded them,
Wait, They gave me hope.

Everything that had remained,
Started overflowing.

For the stubbing,
Was all over my body.
She is beautiful, he thought
He is handsome, she pondered
They walked, on the same road
Full of thoughts, with their mouth shut

Minutes later, they were at the bus station
Thinking about each other, their mouth shut
Buses arrived, at the same time
One went west, the other east
#Numb #Lostdate #MutualFeeling
Why a crying heart,
Why a caged mind,
Why a hushed mouth,
Why an agony soul,
Why fight against the thorn,
Why stub your life,
Why defiance your thoughts?

Is it the blockage?
Fight the fight,
Manifest it.
Is it a conviction?
Walk the talk,
Grasp it.

Rain and Reign…. where?
On the battlefield.
Surrender before me, THE SPIRIT.
The courage to advance to new places.

Laugh or Cry; why?
The Promised Land,
The exposure,
The authorities,
The keys,
They all precede.

Unleash me, THE GIANT.
I, love honesty
Because honesty...
Comes with truth
And truth....
Sets us free
Avidace Theophil Dec 2019
What if our feelings were mutual?

Hate for hate,
Love for love,
Mourn for mourn,
Crush for crush.

Would it be better or worse?

I hate you because you're shy,
I love you because you're glorious,
I love you because you're charming,
I love you because you're despicable.

Imagine if it was true, Imagine.

— The End —