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Jhonny Bravo Jul 2017
Love is like the unknown, you'll never know what's to happen.
It's incredible how one person can change your whole life.
Yet we try to force ourselves to not think of them but it's a really complex task.
We find ourselves losing sleep, thinking more, and enjoying life a little more and we find ourselves falling in love with the way they talk, laugh, and smile.
The way they look have you stunned into silence you'll be speechless.
You fall in love with them inside and outside and it's true beauty.
You'll just be mesmerized by their beauty you will put them as your priorities.
Constantly tell them everything and turn to them for anything and tend forget about everyone else.
True love is measured through loving the other person for who they are and that's why love is so beautiful.
KD Miller Dec 2014

Subartic winds howling down tunnel wind slleys
sounding a lot, you know, like us.
Smoke plums would climn up past our
cupid's bows reaching fo the reaches of dark matter
"oh don't worry about me"'s
under the sweet toffee light of the cannery
black haired boys would smile and we'd
spit back more crass
the light shining down on our columellas
and the trefoils of menthol ****** history now-
a boy would take out his lighter
and somewhere behind us in the back of town
we'd hear the ghost of a christmas Mel Torme song
on the terrace of a good cafe.
part of the Marauders of Ivy Ln series

princeton nj

— The End —