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Asominate Nov 2019
I have a problem, it is my fault,
It grows within me, cancer I've got
As the time passes, it expands,
Isn't it funny? Clap your hands.

I have an issue, what a shame,
You are the victims, I'm to blame.
As the time passes, it contaminates,
Admiration turns to fear... I hate.

It's not dislike, it feels too strong,
Of the little I feel, what I feel feels wrong.
I become more of nothing, and grow more patient,
The fear's realized, I'm contaminated.

I'm keeping secrets, whatever they may be;
A multidimensional personality?
It's not much but I can be very complex:
I can't simply be confused, I'm feeling perplexed.

Isn't it scandalous, who would've thought?
I can't wait for the day my body will rot
It's not much but I can't distinguish pain
I only sense something's off 'cause my feelings are in vain.

The loneliness consumes me, guilt's the product of my fear.
I put on my mask, just like you asked, just because I care.
The cycle, it starts all over again:
I mask me for "love," and I "love" my "friends."
3: Submission
Autmn T May 2019
And the people who are extensions of you breathe monoxide and speak with the sound of shrewd drills. I can't help but hear your voice through their wreckage.
“When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.” -William James
b Jun 2018
what a lonely life i live
to let myself drown thirsty.
to feel like god and
not believe in him.
to know love and
lose faith in it.
to be docile.
to be content
with contentment.

what a lie ive lived
my finest performance.
when the sheet does fall
i wont have disappeared.
the trick
is that nothing was really there
to begin with.
Rebecca Jan 2018
People say- you are a stubborn feminist
Eventually yes I'm, because I died everytime when someone else had beaten my spirit.
People say- you are immature
Yes I am, because they were not enough mature to not to assail me everytime.
People say- keep your ego to yourself
Seriously, then why didn't you kept your lust to yourself only when I was on my bleeding and you were intruding me pain
Girl who got repeated suffocation pain. Still stood up
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
Your eyes look into mine
Graze at  me one more time
Your hands begin to twitch
As you feel the nervous itch
Your legs begin to move
Opening to the moon

Now my eyes start to wander
Intensions no surprise
holding back, binding time
from docile to volatile
Walk on the water for a while
I'll show you the way
The way everythings the same
My eyes examine you
you examine me too

lets us stop this dance
let us do what we long to do
connect my energy to you
I'm here inside you
Äŧül Apr 2016
There was once a docile wife.
Let's be mature & only take it as a joke please.
Nothing personal.
My HP Poem #1049
©Atul Kaushal
A Purple Moon Apr 2015
In this big wide world, a few things,
are the things that cannot be seen.
Amongst them the most gentle,
is the wind too uncertain.

Sure it gives a sense of eternal peace ,
but sometimes does a bit of mischief.
The phenomenon of nature, so inanimate,
it makes me forget all my painful grief.

I can't compare you to a demigod,
but for sure, you are a preacher.
A preacher who preaches the priority of life,
and pretends to be a pre-cautious wanderer.

Oh wind! You're without a faithful destiny,
'cause you're the destiny of your own.
But I'm so sorry for the things we've done to you.
Hope you forgive us humans. I mourn.

But don't ever cease blowing sins off this world,
I said you're a soulful preacher so agile.
You're perky, lively, calm and sinless.
Wind, I feel you. Flow by me, and make me docile.
After 'Rain theory', I tried 'Wind theory'. :)
No one pays attention towards me. I feel alone here :\.
And thanks to Sky for being my first follower!
Taylor Apr 2014
Dreams of my dark-eyed, dark-haired, alabaster-skinned boy chased away the pain last night, while the soft morning light and the silence of a house when it is far too early for life soothes me at last.
Calm, for now.

— The End —