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There once was a girl who played the fife,
Looking at her filled my ****** with strife.
She played me a tune,
And I swelled like a balloon,
Now that girl is my wife.
Marri Nov 2019
It’s not me, It’s you.
It always was,
And how could I be surprised?

All along, it was you.
Only you, no one else.

Now all that’s left is   me.

Broken as ever.
With eyes still swollen from the night before,
Tear stained cheeks,
And an epiphany in my mind.

Maybe, It was me.
Or you.
Or us.

But eventually it was no one.

It was the empty spaces in your   speech.
It was the stutter in your breath.
It was you.

It was the missed calls.
It was the arguments.
It was me.

Or maybe   it   was  us.
                  Falling         (apart).
gray Feb 2019
I'll scrawl pages of your name
because every way the letters turn make my eyes burn
The night you told me i was your favorite slur
My name has turned into something i never want my children to learn
Sweet salt drips from your lips
You speak in compliments and quotes
A personality made from mistakes
I keep giving and you always take
But never more than you need
a feeling of everlasting trust
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The colour of
My throbbing
And swollen heart
no longer resembles
The colour of
Your dusty red lips
It matches the
Colour of my
large dilated pupils
And the colour of
your capriciously moving
flickering obsidian
Kaitlyn Amborn Aug 2018
Bleed out the pale blue you left in me -
Just a quick haunt back to your place
And we were at the beginning
To those secrets I laid into you where
The heart sang (withdrew).
Your words like ***** clothes
Scattered across the floor of my mind (rewind) –
White noise fingertips traced a frame
Where something used to be
Carrying swollen memories
Like bullets in my body.
Pea Jul 2016
i'm just a conflation
of swollen lips
and drunken midnights
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