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gray Feb 4
I'll scrawl pages of your name
because every way the letters turn make my eyes burn
The night you told me i was your favorite slur
My name has turned into something i never want my children to learn
Sweet salt drips from your lips
You speak in compliments and quotes
A personality made from mistakes
I keep giving and you always take
But never more than you need
a feeling of everlasting trust
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
The colour of
My throbbing
And swollen heart
no longer resembles
The colour of
Your dusty red lips
It matches the
Colour of my
large dilated pupils
And the colour of
your capriciously moving
flickering obsidian
Kaitlyn Amborn Aug 2018
Bleed out the pale blue you left in me -
Just a quick haunt back to your place
And we were at the beginning
To those secrets I laid into you where
The heart sang (withdrew).
Your words like ***** clothes
Scattered across the floor of my mind (rewind) –
White noise fingertips traced a frame
Where something used to be
Carrying swollen memories
Like bullets in my body.
madyson shaye Jul 2017
as I get older, my patience starts to grow weak.
I no longer have the ability to keep my head above water in situations that just require a simple swim,
I'm not sure if that has something to do with being wiser and knowing my efforts mean very little or if I now just wholeheartedly believe in the idea of justice.
justice is a funny concept, because no matter what happens,
what road we take,
end we choose
or goodbye that is argued, cried over and finally settled on,
my chest will never settle and my heart will never stop crying out in regretful agony knowing a person gets to continue on their life with pieces of me in their pocket.
they get to decide when to think of me-
driving by my favorite bookstore,
when somebody mentions a place I used to work,
running into my old friends and hugging them with undeserved joy- they get to decide when to look back at memories and when they want to smile, cry or laugh.
they get to decide what parts of me live on inside of their memories,
and what they'd simply rather forget.
she has pieces of me I will never get back, and it isn't enough that one day ill be a person she never touched,
never knew.
I have so much love inside of me, so much good, and ill never let anybody take that again.
these letters might sound bitter, but they are just a reminder to know what giving myself away means.
these are things ill never be able to get back, undo, take away,
but still-
I know this feeling won't stop me from handing them out,
as freely as people will accept them.
I have so much love to give.
Pea Jul 2016
i'm just a conflation
of swollen lips
and drunken midnights
Desire rod Jun 2016
Little swollen red eyes
please don't cry
here's my shoulder
for you to rest that pretty head
I promise things won't go bad
in the end maybe it was for the best but let me wipe the salty tears formed by those
little swollen red eyes honey
I hope you think its funny if I try to sing you a lullaby
I will kiss you like you want to feel love again
make you see the home in my arms and never let go so forget what it meant to be alone
I'm here and I'm always going to be oh so proud
For all who feel alone love will spread in you like a disease
madrid Oct 2015
Still not awake
This corpse is pleading merces
But is yet to be given
I can hear these bones crackle
At every jolt, every spasm
They keep me asleep
These lullabies

This desolate throat
Delivers none but drought
Painful, but bearable still
These swollen eyes have never before
Felt this oppressed
How I wish they knew rest

This blade, above all
Transcends the screaming sting
*****, pang
These throes that tingle
Stay silent til the morn says so
Noelle M Eithun Jan 2015
Swollen lips.
Bruises on my hips.
Goosebumps through your fingertips.

Swollen heart.
Bruises from my thoughts.
Hating how you tear me apart.
My desire for you may be strong, but I can't handle the side effects of you any longer.
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