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On elephant’s back,
Mahout tenuously perched,
Swoon over moon!
stopdoopy Oct 2018
A woman once
                                        Wished on star
                                        From lands afar

                              "Please oh please
                              Bright twinkling light
                              Give me a child tonight"

                    And the woman prayed
                    Every night for years
                    Her plea fell on deaf ears

          Until a goddess
          Who made me swoon
          Heard her tune;
          The Moon

Begging she had heard
The mother of Earth
The call answered
With a "birth"

          Transcending her planet
          Coming to ours
          In a pomegranate

                    Inside the botanic
                    Did she travel
                    Until cloth unravel

                              Child Delivered
                              To dainty hands
                              Such divine plans

                                        Celestial now infant
                                        Baby and parent
                                        Woman loves ancient
For Houkyou, the title is what my friend calls their daughter and the whole poem is based off of it.
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
Your hand caressed in mine,
when you brought in my cup of coffee.
You gave a smile,
like a wanderer with an untold story.

The scent of brewed coffee sends a tingle to my olfactory nerve;
it reminds me of you, whenever you serve.

After I left the coffee shop,
it was you who I thought about.
Thinking of seeing you again—-
I smiled, without a doubt.
This was inspired when I was all alone in a local coffee shop and the barista was so kind to talk to me. He was friendly and, my gosh, so charming. *swoons*
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Solitude has swooned,
Drinking silence to the lees;
Eternity’s flash.
Drew Vincent Jul 2018
I imagine myself with you, M.
I can see myself,  happy with you.

I can picture us on our first date,
laughing so hard we hold onto each other for support.
I can picture us walking together,
admiring all the local shops and galleries our town has to offer.
I can picture us holding hands,
and you holding me as we gaze out at sea.
I can picture us snorkeling together,
and how you'll laugh when I inevitably breathe in the ocean.
I can picture us kissing for the first time,
how our eyes will meet,
and how our hearts will explode with excitement.
I can picture us kissing,
and how our bodies will melt into one.
I can picture myself falling asleep next to you,
and how peaceful I will feel when I wake up beside you.

Most importantly,

I can picture myself falling in love with you.
How wonderful life will be with you to share it with.
I will chase these butterflies forever if it brings me closer to you.
George Krokos Mar 2018
I can see the sun but can it see me?
and so wonder if this could ever be.
It shines down on me from there up high
and I feel its warmth on my body nigh.

I regard it now as a lifelong friend
who will always be there until the end.
If many clouds obstruct its light from me
there's a minor change of mood that I see.

I also look down where my shadow's cast
before me when my back to it goes past.
This need not be of any real concern
for I have got to move around and turn.

I cannot look up at it for too long
because its light to my eyes is so strong.
All creatures depend on its light to live
and that's what its purpose is all to give.

I bear the scorch of its cruel heat at times
by living within the world's changing climes.
But, saying this, I'm not the only one,
who complains in a verse about the sun.

I enjoy its presence most of the day
and in its light I often work and play.
In the night it shines there via the moon
to remind me that it will be back soon.

I can look up at the moon in the night
and thank it for not being very bright.
It has a calming effect on the mind
and acts like it's of an opposite kind.

I then especially like the full moon
as it breaks through the clouds to make me swoon.
Revelling there under that midnight sun
with all the stars shining beyond this one.
Written in 2017.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I thought I was clear the last time.
I do not want to be hit.
Why can't you stay away?
Cupid, why won't you just quit?

Every time I see his face
I know you did your part.
You pulled out your bow and arrow
And you aimed straight at my heart.

I wish you had hit my head
then maybe it could all make sense.
Every time he tries to get close
I put up my every defense.

Cupid, leave me alone.
I'm begging this of you.
You do more bad than good
and this is not what I would choose.

Why won't you just give up?
Go pick another person.
Every time you hit me
My life just worsens and worsens.

Can I get it all to stop?
Can I ever be immune?
Is there any way at all
To look at him without a swoon?

Can I go get a vaccine?
I'll gladly take the shot!
I hate every time I look at him
And my stomach turns to knots.

Cupid, I hate to ask it.
I know this is your task
But next time ask permission.
I beg of you— just ask.
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