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Mythical May 2019
Lavishing things aren't that great,
The small simple things matter,
It doesn't take much to make a person smile,
Small little surprises does the trick.
EP Robles Oct 2018
IT rained ruinously down the streets went the
raging day's temperament
The dog's barking and snapping at the droplets
of regretful tears that grew into monstrously
huge violence
A hailed cab stood no chance and a failed
businessman took his clothes off and dove
headfirst into the gutter of despair
The young mother with her stroller hoisted
her sails and allowed squally wind to
pacify the cute cuddly cherub
\no other thing existed.  The world
was all empty pending the eleven o'clock

Unpredictable -- as is nature.

:: 09-29-2018 ::
ButterPecan Sep 2018
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
I hope the surprise is that she’s there for you
And that she finds the right words
Because she’s your mom
And if the surprise is hurtful
Remember the words you told me once
She may be grieving
Not because she is disappointed
But because she didn’t know
Because she doesn’t really know what it all means
Because she couldn’t find the right words at the right time
But more importantly,
Because she was the last to know
Mothers don’t like to be the last to know
We were once the first to see everything
Then we were demoted
Yet we saw more then we got credit for
Now that our children are grown and gone
It’s different
We rely on tidbits, small talk, holiday visits, sibling rumors
Mothers are often the last to know
But no matter what
And no matter how we react
When we are finally told
Or if we are never told
Every secret
Every heartbreak
Every silly encounter
A mother’s love is so strong
Our love is forever
I really think if you told your mom
You would be surprised
Idiosyncrasy Jul 2018
To you
I was never really fond of surprises
Then you came
The day I met you
I was glad to have found someone I get along with
That wasn’t the surprise
The surprise was when you first cheered my name
And how I wanted you to cheer me all the way
I wasn’t surprised when you walked me home
What surprised me was when I didn’t feel home when you walked away
So for many weeks or months
My heart jumps because of the surprise of you in everyday
So for many weeks or months
I wasn’t sure
And that’s not knew
I think I was never really certain of anything
I was never really certain of anything until there was you
And it’s funny how one I’m very sure of
Still surprises me
Like the night you tucked my hair behind my ear
Underneath the streetlamp
No brighter than you who have given light
In the past few months of chaos
Your eyes shined like they wanted to stay
It wasn’t surprising when you asked me if I like you, the next day
But I was surprised because, “I like you,” was all you wanted to say
The first time you said you love me
I wish I’ve said it before you did
I was pretty sure I’ve felt that way a long time ago
And it has been a while since those times
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when we ended
Neither was the fact that I didn’t want it too
It was amazing
How I waited for shooting stars and 11:11s
How I wanted to go back in time and make things better
How I tried to tell you and show you
That some things didn’t change
I still love you
I still love you
I couldn’t say it was a surprise when I stopped hearing that
But I was sure of what a surprise it is when you came back
You showed me what love is
In colors
Wrapped in silver and gold
When you looked at me
I saw what those stories told
In winks and glances
I am not letting go of any more chances
It was not a surprise that my heart still beats the same track
And I will replay over and over
That time you told me, “You’re not alone anymore,”
What a surprise that was right after all this time
When you hugged me
You picked up the pieces I thought were lost forever
Yes, you
I am not really fond of surprises
But you were the best yet.
I thought I've posted this already.
sunprincess May 2018
Look, there goes a dog with almost his whole body
out the driver's side window

and I'm still trying to erase these mental images
from my mind
the guy in the green t'shirt
who was pulling his underwear
out of his crack earlier

And the plus size woman who's dress
blew all the way up
at CVS

Woa! Windy day surprises aren't for
the faint of heart
Maria Etre Mar 2018
It goes beyond
the voices in your head
to tap
into the
beats of your heart
unplanned surprises, twists and turns
sunprincess Feb 2018
City life surprises
every second
every day
alarms alarming,
lights flashing,
and sirens startling,
and sometimes
a Smile
A genuine smile
makes city life
surprises complete
Monika Oct 2017
Making the most out of it.
Everyday finding new things
An adventure of old and new tales.
Never a dull moment.
Indulging in experiences.
Nabbing every delight you can get.
Getting ready every night for tomorrow.
Loving everyone and everything.
Exciting to the core.
Surprising us with new challenges.
Seeking our selves over time.
It's sorta a prose but I hope it is fine to post it here. Thanks~ :)
Hannah Mar 2017
Sometimes I feel like I'm here
Chasing your expectations
Out of breath
Falling behind in the race
I can't keep up
Where is the end
Will I ever get to know
Won't you stop
Let me catch up
Run alongside me
Keep me company
I beg, but I'm too slow
And you don't even know it
You think I have your stamina
Determination to keep up the run
Give me a chance to meet
Those flying expectations
If I'm given a chance
I might even surprise you
It is crazy to think about...
that will never happen again.
When I sit down to contemplate,
there are so many surprises
inside of me;
it startles me,
but then later on,
on the outside,
I am never surprised,
while others sit in wonder,
because they never took the time
to think
about things.
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