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pilgrims Feb 17
I feel sick, so sick of myself.
I don't exist: calloused layers of shell.
This world is sick. War is more real than Hell.
Does good love exist? Is it more real than Death?
What will you love when nothing is left?
The soil is poisoned. Seeds freed from cycles.
Purge odious life.
Tears salt the Earth from true peace disciples.
No pain. No struggle. No strife.
Behind the mask there is nothing.
Behind my eyes there is nothing.
Before my eyes there is nothing.
Embracing void. Immortality.
Cannot be destroyed. Empty.
Embrace the truth.
I quit. I quit. I quit pretending.
Pretending I am not everything. At last,
I find annihilation
in you.
pilgrims Mar 2023
I am
beyond what you see
when you turn your I on me
pilgrims Mar 2023
Without the value of shadow
bells of divinity ring hollow
I am stronger with the fear I swallow
Unending hunger of my spear
bleeding color; Death alive.
Allowing chaos, law abides
Time of unity drawing near
Shedding tears, the inner eye
is washed clean by shifting tides
Ascend the light!
Descending depth...
Float in the pool inner peace wept
pilgrims Nov 2022
First snow
Embrace the cold
The trials we endure are what make us bold

Changing face
The strange weather of my secret place
I saw in a mirror that form turns old

Cycle forward
Rearranging story of what we are told
Spiralling trail, compelled to go
Looking forward
pilgrims Oct 2022
Skeleton buried within clay cage
Horrified beyond belief.
Energized by rage and grief
Every moment alive: winning
Trust the movement, trust the magick
Improving flow
Power to transcend the tragic
Flowering lotus
pilgrims Sep 2022
When I say "bet"
life begins. I wager sweat and limbs.
The thrill is angelic hymns.

Until a hit is missed.
do I fear
love is duplicitous

energy from unfolding mystery.
Cradling a chalice of compassion
with gentle filigree
my hands hold perfectly.
Feeling trust, I sip then pour peacefully.

Worth is free.
pilgrims Apr 2022
Rock solid brain occulted by tarnished skull
Flesh cradle worshiped by something weak
Crawling soul seeks shelter. Spiraling
Spirals speak to my circling spirit

Listening from the shadow of meekness
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