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pilgrims Apr 12
Rock solid brain occulted by tarnished skull
Flesh cradle worshiped by something weak
Crawling soul seeks shelter. Spiraling
Spirals speak to my circling spirit

Listening from the shadow of meekness
pilgrims Mar 27
Bald eagle presents overhead
Lazily looping, wind under wing
Feeling natural
Being free
the spiral through skies
pilgrims Mar 2
Seattle is a sad place
This can be the space I hallow
Courage found to hear my grief
and face the life of hate I leave
Belief enough to begin again
Gaining newness
Making friends with all this blueness
Making time to let it go
Showing doubt passion flows
The moment that nostalgia knows passes by with bitterness
A feeling grows and shakes my bones
Bigger than any memory
Will I learn when my guts churn there is no phantom enemy?
I am not alone
My body will always be my home
Craving direction I follow the vulnerability of connection
Terrified to be seen in reflection
I reach out and embrace rejection
Accepting neglect of my better self, my soul ascends detection
pilgrims Jan 2
Oh! How the Sun is bright!
A shiver from the piercing light.
Although eye try with Earthly might,
eye stare on
with awe and fright.
pilgrims Dec 2021
The heart can love while the hands hate.
I close them together
for the prey
I ate.
pilgrims Nov 2021
In all my strength as a child
I was a pebble in someone else's shoe
and the boulder he rolled every day.
pilgrims Nov 2021
Like an apostle, fate called this vessel Mark.
What is in a name?
Remarkably, I know not how to make my mark.
Let me be frank:
no matter the mask, the self does not change.

Time to slough off a visage of pain.
A lesson gained, never the less:
how to integrate a universe worth of stress.
Grateful I am.
I share space with God.
I am
meshed with flesh body
and nothing
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