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BJFWords Aug 24
I'm part of the exclusion zone.
Of you and them and me.
I'm lost in past, forgotten fast.
Old news, and ceased to be.

All well and good in time to brood.
For memories remained.
I'm outside staring, sightless, glaring.
Forget me not, refrained.

I hope for love's sweet comfort.
In shattered future's loss.
When I'm remembered fondly.
And swept away the moss.

If recall be painless.
Reminded with a smile.
Sit aside my resting place.
And think of us awhile.
a beef
Wellington is
a serenade
on your
birthday night
with candle
light on
your plate
where Aphrodite
beget Zeus
as she
did want
the dish
with pastry
and frothy
post with
her wine
Captain Trips Jan 27
It *****, y'know,
life & ****.
Everything *****,


But I guess
that's what makes it
good too,


It seems that
is the enemy
of emotion.

Or at least


it is.
Isaac Aug 2018
It's late at night
The page is white
So I think I might write
About how a letter
Becomes far better
When organised by a typesetter
And each of us
Should learn to trust
That no human is superfluous.
Written 10 August 2018
twas stupid
Buck whom
stump this
cline and
ways are
clear then
to hear
horror stories
confabulate his
sign into
a marking
he'll soon
come to
like in
this mire
that love
will aspire
When note on stones more particular than. he
PoemFalcon69 Feb 2015
This *Time
Of Mine.
I Do Not Know,
How To Rhyme.
All That I Have,
Is Time.

(This Poem Is Sponsored In Part By Viewers Like You, Thank You)
Twinkle Aug 2014
I once had a heart
A loving heart
A trifle too gentle
A tad too soft

I once had a heart
A heart that shared
A heart that cared
A heart that listened
Silent cry that wud 
have gone unnoticed
I had I not known otherwise

I once had a heart
Your joys and griefs
So part of me
Your pain I bore
My heart it tore

I once had a heart
A heart that beat
With a fiery fervor
Living your dreams
Was like elixir

I once had a heart
A heart that sang
With a childlike freedom
Unknown to burdened minds

I once had a heart
A heart u twisted
And cut into 2
But unfortunately,
It was not just u

The world stepped on it
Taken for a doormat
Simple dreams
Unpretentious self
No holds barred
I wore on my sleeve 
For all to see

Burnt to a cinder
Ashes  is all that's left 
The pieces of my heart
Now lie at the bottom of an ocean
Or floating on foreign shores
Swept away by the morning tide

I ditched it for a new ride
A heart stepped on by all
So I ditched it to stop the pain
Stop the hurt all over again

I found myself a new companion
Superfluous is my new friend
Sorry come again
I won't be hurt by cruel words
Insults will never cause a dent
And no more will I bend

But darling don't u worry
I don't need your money
Cause when all that's gone
And u need a little loving
When the night is cold
I'll smile and say.
Sorry "love" is an old forgotten way

My new friend is Superfluous
And he didn't need my heart
So you see now I am heartless!
I have forgotten to Love.
Learning to cope with insults hurts and bruising words.  I find solace in being superfluous.  Learnt to stop the pain!

— The End —