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Axion Prelude Aug 29
in shades of plastic yesterdays
the silhouette carousel spins me around
and around a cold steel cage

and it is your breath i want to drown in
setting free some broken wings
seething life and love and everything
from words we haven't even spoken yet

singing melodies and catchy tunes
we can play them all together
on our heart strings luring suns and moons
and we can watch them set and rise and fall
again and again forever

and the hopelessness would melt away
with a looming whisper of summer
silver-lining an echo of spring

Skip the winter baby
'cause i cant seem to want this
to feel so cold anymore
not without you
and the mornings in each others arms
with the bright lit sky breeding days anew
could keep us warm together
For C. ~
Axion Prelude Aug 11
My heart burns
In twilight slumber rested death
Mourning for the loss of yesterday

My heart open widely
Within my chest echos faith once more
Truer still the call of my name
It resonates down to the bone

In somber marrow through blood and sweat
It pierces intimately a callous facade
Standing forth upon a blackened gate
I call one last time "are you there"

Empty sorrows beget empty pleas
Standing now in silhouette lines
Crossing past the fade of light
Darkness consuming an empty heart
I await..

She whispers back..

"yes, I am.. my darling.."
The dream has come true

8/5/21 ~
In somber atrophy
Stale breath beckons truth

The heart dwindled
I choke on your words
Axion Prelude Jun 22
We did it again
Dancing in halls we never knew
You woke up fate just to let it fade
Never pull on heart strings
Unless you're willing to take the reins
Stained flesh with satin fervor
Drops of lust, silver lining
The soft skin of an angel
Caressing, exploring every inch
Seeking purity in a place of mischief
Intoxicating resonance with every exhale

The sigh of relief on the horizon
Drunken with the sound of soft moans
Hands, together, firm in grasp
A torrent of devouring motion
Extricating virulent passion
Axion Prelude Apr 30
"I Love You, my darling.. before I sleep, I'll trade whispers with the sky, and tell the moon all about you.."
You are my light. This dream may be true, someday...
Axion Prelude Apr 30
I do not only love you.. for that simple word could never be enough to convey your worth and value to me, as anyone can come to love, but you are infinitely more than just anyone..

I gaze at you, and my eyes find home; they find peace; they find safety, it's as if my soul is at rest, and I am at ease within your visage; the violent stream becoming stagnant and calm, my lungs escape their proverbial prison, and I can breath once more..

Through an unfathomable weight mired by strife and misery, my life was engulfed by a darkness I never once hoped could be calmed, nor absolved.. in you, with each step closer towards my being, I found an unending warmth, surrounding a heart which calls my name..

Not even my greatest demons stand a chance against the light you bring into my life.

Sweet resonance begets dreams, alive; through each word you find, in every breath you take to show my worth to you, it defines my existence; and in you, I see and feel myself. In you, I find every one of my dreams, awake.

"I long for your gentle touch and your warm embrace. Your hugs, your arms around me where I feel calm and safe"

To think such beauty would behold that from me, I can not deny that there must also be beauty within myself. In all my time, I had never imagined such a truth to ever exist.. it tears me asunder, and I am left struggling to believe what simply is, and fearing what could ever be..

You touched me without touching me; without knowing how, or when, or why, your presence was born unto my own; and through all the substance in the subtleties and nuance of your day, I find and garner substance within my own.

You've become the calm to my storm, when all I knew best to strive for was merely the strength to keep my neck above the waves; you reached out to my very soul.

I do not simply love you. I tremble at your presence, not because I feel fear or remorse for myself. I tremble knowing, you've finally arrived. I tremble knowing the depth of my feelings and intrigue of you can not be surpassed or compared to anyone before, or forever after your presence in my life.

I tremble now, and inevitably always, because the only thing left to fear, after having suffered a lifetime among ghosts of myself and death itself striding along as my only friend; the last and only thing I could ever fear anymore, is losing you, in any way.

I do not merely love you.

I Love Your existence, because by your gentle touch and fluent tenderness our hearts have entwined, I have come to realize the last thing I would have ever imagined, even upon my final moments in this reality, and life: through your persistent admiration and sweet echoes of loving candor; by such beautiful intent and conviction from and for you, I've come to also love myself.

My walls break. My fettered heart has become truly free, and I weep again.

Now, finally, through joy..
This is the only love I can know.. Someday, my darling, wherever you are...
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