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Wesley Dotson Feb 13
With a Rose quartz around your neck
You’d figure Shakespeare had named you.

Depression is a heavy obstacle,
One that I can not save.
Could I provide a monocle,
Examine the stone.
It fades when exposed
To too much light.
You’re meant to be brave,
You’re never quite alone.
You’re time is not apropos.

I find you significant.
KM Hanslik Jan 23
a crash course is the best way to learn;
describe the world in ways I cannot understand, and I
will do my best to undo the hinges underneath your skin.
chase the shadows until they leave you alone,
your heart skips like a record, off beat
stuck on a loop but let it rest a minute.
Don't **** my vibe this early in the night,
wait at least until my skin crawls and my shoulders cramp up in my sleep
test  me a few more times and I just might snap
my shell is only so thick;
you're cooking up a storm but I intend to stir the ***
if you find me on my knees, you'd best bet
i've got a knife up my sleeve
best to just leave it alone;
a rolling stone gathers more speed
the nearer it gets to its target.
Burn this fabric
the weave of the grandest way
we wrap our secret selves in
and write little patterns
that somehow pushes apart
from the comfort of speech
to break the truth
into lie-able bits
that everyone can approve of
because they are pretty
then you will be hollow
with the desire
to tug on the dangling strings
that always itch
the nose of conscience
to be rid of the ******
the mold you have been force in
and you will unravel when it hurts
and you will unravel when it is quiet
you will become bare
just shape
just like everything else
and when you find
peace in your own decimation
a single flower will grow
behind your lifes eye
a memory of when you took root
in the self
a lense to see your life
as you mean to live it
Version 2
Ally Jan 14
As the tears run down my face, I tell myself it's okay.
But as the days go on and the pain increases.
I slowly turn to stone.

People may think I am cold,
but the truth is I'm just a girl who feels too much.
I am a girl who cares too much.

I seal myself off in hopes of saving my heart,
and it is not until I am alone.
Under the cover of darkness, that I let my self feel,
what I have been hiding.
I am just a girl, a girl who feels other peoples pain, a girl who wishes she
could face the world without her heart breaking into a million pieces.
Juhlhaus Jan 13
Long ago my mother gave me birth.
From her molten **** in the cooling rain I took shape.
Wind and water gently fashioned me and smoothed my hard edges.
Through riven clouds the bright sun warmed me,
And in the mist life wove me mossy coverings.
Day after day I listened to the wind in the heather
And the cry of the sea birds wheeling overhead.

Men found me on the mountainside, stripped me of my mossy cloak
And hauled me away on a cart of wood, to be used for the glory of God.
With metal tools and hammer blows they fashioned me and gave me hard edges.
They stacked me high on top of other stones,
Fitted me snug and sealed me in.
Through narrow windows colored lights shone on the floor below,
And in the darkness voices rose with scented smoke,
Singing of the glory of God.

Men warred with other men, took each other’s lives
And threw down what they had raised up, for the glory of God.
Scorched by angry flames, I fell from that high place to lie broken in the ashes.
Wind and water gently washed me and smoothed my hard edges.
Through riven clouds the bright sun warmed me,
And in the mist life wove me mossy coverings.
Day after day I listened to the wind in the ruins
And the cry of the sea birds wheeling overhead.

A shepherd found me in the grass, lifted me up
And carried me away in his arms.
He nestled me alongside other stones
To keep the wandering sheep from deadly cliffs.
Though riven clouds the bright sun warms us,
And in the mist life weaves us mossy coverings.
Day after day we listen to the wind in the heather
And the cry of the sea birds wheeling overhead.
I would not have thought a stone could have a soul, until I visited Scotland.
To speak of my pains is my release from which.
It is not merely my drudgery within the muds of self-wallowing.
It is an awakening when I read my own words and learn who I am in that moment.
It is a point from which to move on, a stepping stone.
jonni inferno Mar 2017
no stone so hard
as this wounded heart
no eye so blind
to her beauty
nor ear so deaf
to her sylvan voice
ice and stone
mine only choice
what shall i be ?

ice and stone
impassive face
indifferent tone
unfeeling heart
of ice and stone
till the day
winter comes

no night so dark
no pain so deep
no outward sign
for her to see

what shall i be ?

ice and stone
till winter comes
to take me home
no night so dark
no pain so sweet
when winter comes
to set me free...
astraea Jan 7
what chance does the rain have,
of fixing a broken heart?

i told you once that i didn’t love you,
on a cold morning,
as raindrops fell from the swollen clouds.

so similar to the rain on a day,
when drumbeats sounded from the canvas of stars,
and our faces turned to watch the heavens open up,
phantom hands grasping each others.

i lay alone under the clouds,
listen to the afterworld pour it’s sorrows,
sliding down my bedroom windows
remembering a night you held me close
and i couldn’t breathe.

i told you that you’d hold me,
that day
and you held me, and held me,
until i felt like i was on fire,
so i set myself in stone.

as the stone cracks,
i feel the rain on my face again,
and i long to hold your hand
watch the god’s home above
as they shed tears for us,
this small world
under storms of fires and drums.
I treasure these stone walls that keep me warm at night, when I know its other occupants share no spark. The bitterness and filth of the night hold no triumph over me when the darkness of these baren walls hold me tight, bundled in their sheet of black silk. Walls are so inviting, they make a home and a fortress for my dreams to spindle into webs of mysteries and delights only I can fathom. For there is no need for windows nor doors when I do not intend to leave and there is no reason for me to depart. The moon has broke my heart, and the sun has crisped my soul far too often. My mind is all that remains intact and must be protected. No rabid creature can disarray my beautiful mind again. It must be kept sacred  in these beautiful stone-cold walls.
An attempt to tempt temptation we're facing
The entire nation is wasting
While the time clock is racing
Sitting idle I dwell
Don't know what to do
A bottomless well
filled with good intentions
That I forgot to mention
while men's sons
climb the walls
Fingers bleed
so I choose to run
Pain outweighed only by guilt
An attempt to hide so no one would see
Added my hand by not lending a hand
The inevitable entropy

Criticize the critter's size
This infiltration among us
A monstrous demon
indeed in need of expatriation
The daily battle uphill
An upheaval, this weasel
An endless war of soldiers who sold their souls
Signed their mark on the dotted line
Became a mere dot left in time
Sand in the glass we know will not last
Last train leaves the station
Can not stay
Have been shunned

Should have listened when told
On an endless list now too old
The souls that time has forgotten
A swirl in the whirlpool for getting into this mess
A choice we did not choose
Being lost made us lose
A loser with nothing to lose
Loose with our lips
Quick with the fists
A tunnel with no light
The endless darkness in sight
Filled with fear, we do not fright
For what is wrong feels so right
Take the plunge
I just might
Endlessly spinning in time
while getting so high
Spinning out of control
This way I live, this way I die
Written: Early 2018

All rights reserved.
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