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Sarah Aug 30
Love spills out from me in the form of words and tears and laughter.

I want to touch you and hold you and kiss you and love you so tenderly and with such softness that one wrong step could crush me.

Put me in your mouth and chew me up.
Take a bite out of my ripe, tender skin.
All you’ll find in this flesh, is love love love. Sweet and soft and juicy the way a peach bleeds.
Sarah Nov 2022
the sheer force of gravity
when two galaxies collide

their arms become entangled
like two lovers holding hands

and the laws of physics are certain
by design they were destined to meet

this moment was
quite literally
written in the stars
Sarah Oct 2022
prepared so carefully for you
curled up on your plate
next to the other sides

and you take your fork
and you take your knife

and you cut me open
and you take a bite
Sarah Aug 2022
The sky cries in fresh water
and my eyes write letters from the sea.
Sarah Aug 2022
You are so beautiful
that I would move mountains
just to get a better view.
Sarah Aug 2022
a wick to a flame, I will light up
and meet the energy I'm given

is my candle burning from both ends?
is my true form an unlit candle
or a pile of melted wax?
Sarah Dec 2021
if it were up to me
we would meet at the edge
of the earth and the sea
in the space between
dreams and reality
and that's where we'd stay
for eternity
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