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Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Why do people shout?
If no one will hear a sound..

Why do people fight?
When they don't have the right.

Why do they suiside?
While God is by their side.

Why do people steal?
While they live in fear

Why do people stare?
While they know its not theirs

Why would people share?
If love was never there

Nermine 💔
Miss Ana Aug 2018
I was going to **** myself today, but my boyfriend called and he wanted to talk till we fell asleep

I was going to **** myself the next day, but I told my mom I'd come visit and I did

Then the next day came and I was going to **** myself but I went to church and they told me it was a sin

That Monday came around and I was going to **** myself, but the boy I nanny said "tie my shoes ana" and we made a plan to teach him how to tie his own shoes

I was going to **** myself after he learned to tie his shoes, but then he needed help with reading, and then maths

I was going to **** myself today, but I just realized the excuses I make are the reasons I don't.
if you are struggling with excuses or reasons please call 1-800-273-8255
neth jones Jul 2018
Suiside upon instruction
Through institution
By relation to another
And being bared upon
By your own misfiring soul

A shaky exit ;
Or lonely, with company
Approach The Pig Empty
With a mind and not a rattle
; a pressure of Taughts

  in loving nothing
  glove oblivion
  a pardon from suffering ?
  a finite mime

       Signed   - a guest
KittenJesus Jun 2016
Tonight I learened
What I really mean to you
That without me you would be like her (dead).

Tonight I learned
What really goes on
When I thought you were ignoring me (death).

Tonight I learned
What happened to you
And why you are thinking of leaving (goodbye).

Tonight I learned
What it means to be in love
Cat Fiske May 2015
She shuts her eyes
To escape the world.
Such a hard life
For such a young girl.

She shuts her eyes
To escape it all.
Teetering on the edge
Ready to fall.

She shuts her eyes
One final time.

"A young life wasted
Such a terrible crime."

Read on the news headlines,
Because she wasted her life.
She tried

— The End —