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clementine Jul 2020
never steal a girl's heart if you don't have any plans on keeping it.
Francesca Rose May 2020
Villain. You have stolen my grace.

When I poise myself to smile and simper, your bitter shadow fills my mouth and makes me shudder.
When I ascend the steps to my royal quarters, I trip on the memory of your presence by my side.
When I lay in bed, artfully sprawled across the velvet sheet, your forceful weight crushes my limbs and my lungs.
When my eyelids flutter shut, intent on transporting me to dream-land, all I see is your divine, ethereal face.
When I fall in love, I am eager to forget and begin anew with my sweet knight in disguise, but your crestfallen expression slows my pace.

I may be free of you and your enchantment, your enthralling spell, but by the gods, Villain - I couldn't protect it all, and so you have stolen my grace.
Glory Abel May 2020
I saw death walking towards our bus, smiling shrilly at me, making me shiver in fear,
I heard the cold sound of death,
I saw the downpour,the harsh downpour of rain,

I witnessed the shrill cry of dogs,
I guess I couldn't fathom what went wrong with nature,
I saw them, busy walking and working,
I saw them trying hard not to cry,

I saw him struggling to live for his baby,
I saw him looked at me with pain in his eyes,
I knew at that moment that life will not give to me what I truly desire at that moment, all i wanted was to go play with him,
I learnt at that very age and became broken,
I saw death and became dead at heart,

I saw death snap his very life,
Snatching him up,
Taking him away,
I felt him cold ,
His hands cold beside me, leading me to a slow death,
I saw the cold hands of death take my love away,
The cold hands of death broke me .
Cold hands of death
Jaxey Apr 2020
if thieves steal
because they want to be chased
then you are the one
with the heart in your hands
and i'm the one
did you want this?
Poetic T Apr 2020
Pack it up, pack it in
don't throw my bolts there creating a din.
I won't ever battle you, that would be a sin.
Never will I stack up,
              cos you just  knocked me down again.

Trying to act higher,
            with you and your godly crew.

  But I'm the lord of the dead,
             come on get your tombs up,
I raise the dead, can I have some hands up.

I have two minions, no there not yellow.

Pain is his name.
             Getting splinters in your **** cheek,
stubbing your toe once again,
                                 jump around, jump around
                         his confusion will get you down.
           Then we panic,
                  who likes a bit of disco.
   But he'll move your keys
just so you jump around, jump around
                           lateness is his merry go round.

I'll serve you up on the river of sticks,
           If your coins ain't legit,
   Throwing your cheap **** off the boat.
You get a special place for being tight-****** ..

   I've got more schemes, than any other villain,
copyrighted some cos others trying to steal um..

Tried to get Hercules on my side, but he was a
       goody, goody, with piercing blue eyes..
   I tried to ride his horse but it threw me off,
            Slightly embarrassed by blue hair went off..

Yes I 'm bald and I wear a flaming  blue wig,
but I'm a millennia old, and no sunlight down here.

You think Zeus locks are real,
        More like Clouds that with a deceitful blow,
have his head looking  like a shiny chrome dome .

My name is Hades and I'm king of the underworld,
                                           I'll  never rise to the top,
    But I'll see you on the other side,  enjoy it up top.
Taylor Mar 2020
the boy
the girls
and they
died in
he refused
give it
odd poem i thought of
Grey Jan 2020
You are the sun and I the moon,
leeching off of your vibrant light.
Àŧùl Nov 2019
A kleptomaniac was born,
His specialty was hearts
That he whisked away
In a real short time.

An oriental angel ascended,
Upon him she descended
In a way that changed
All of what was his.
My HP Poem #1814
©Atul Kaushal
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