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Isamarie Jan 12
It felt like going in the middle of ocean on a sailboat with no guide.

Isamarie Jan 12
Ripe strawberries and apple trees.
Flowing fabric laying on the grass.
Playing soft violin in the wind.
An angel in velvet.
Putting jars of Cupid hearts in a tin.
A mockingbird singing a familiar song.
Bumblebees land on an exotic flower.
As they are so delicate but strong.

Isamarie Aug 2021
One violet one blue

All the thoughts i have of you.

Some were old some were new.

All stuck in flowers in a shoe.
Isamarie Aug 2021
Shes always in your heart, shes never leavin.

She told stories through her eyes, you cant help but lean in.

Her mind leaves stories untold.

I wonder in a past life if she was a star seed soul.

But in this lifetime i know she's painted in gold.

She's a rainbow in this lifetime. She's made all the pain go.
Isamarie Feb 2021
He draws a silhouette figure on paper with ink.

He knows what she thinks.

He is fixed by her,

Like he just saw a woman for the first time.

She can just lay there and her presence shines.

He studies her body like the galaxy.

His interest won the acknowledgement test.

She won the academy.

He slips it on her desk.

And says to her  "You are art."
Isamarie Jan 2021
All my emotions bottled up.

Part of my soul has sunken in.

Your voice vibrates on my skin.

Bittersweet memories circulate like a washer on full spin.

I line my feelings and pin my agonizing thoughts.

Poured all my emotions, you stole all my tokens.
So cheap.

Drying all the wounds that cut so deep.
Isamarie Jan 2021
Love hurts you but wouldn't lie.

Love surprises you but wouldn't die.

Love brings our shadows to the light.
Love itself wouldn't fright.

It opens your mind and changes your reality.

Love doesn't hide your flaws.

It brings its personality.

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