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We are all evolved from the same microbe;
A microbe which evolved into every known species, using a few dozen ingredients; drawn from the same chemical soup.
(We are related to every living thing)

Each species is evolving at the correct, specific survival rate, yet the more we humans progress, the more distance we choose to put between us and our fellow lifeforms; often choosing to hinder their progress, not for our own survival; but for vanity or prestige.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
The morning shore
Is in place
And it will lift
And separate
Smiling wide
As the high tide
Reaches places
Meant to be unattainable

I am ready for
Sensory overload
Your thoughts resting
On my shoulder
Your smile wide
As giftedly so
You pull my strings
And head for home
Àŧùl Feb 2017
Centrifuge & resuspend the oligos,
The precursor to your macromolecule,
Follow it by concentration & *
To avoid resuspension difficulties,
Heat the oligos to 55º C, and,
Vortex in between thoroughly.

Optimal conditions,
For standard DNA oligonucleotides,
They be followed closely.
Store them at –20º C for long,
At 5º C while performing procedures.
Also, store them with fluorophores,
For better visualization later.
For standard
RNA oligonucleotides**,
The conditions be more stringent.
My HP Poem #1428
©Atul Kaushal
Alan S Bailey Nov 2016
Bring on the cold!*
You can all leave you're summer clothes behind.
Now is the apocalypse, all will be as society, as
All of civilization never knew once the pipes crack,
Bad weather or blind.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Nothing seems to be certain
Nothing ascertained
Still nothing to worry,
absolutely nothing.

Nothing in the present,
nor anything related to the future
There is absolutely nothing to worry.

Moment by moment each moment passes by
Over a period of time the present becomes a thing of past,
the future becomes present
It’s time that has passed.
As of now everything in the present is a thing from past
Moment by moment each moment passes by.

It's the present moment in time that will decide and tell what needs to be done in the future
It's time to ascertain the future
Time only will tell what needs to be done in the future.

A proper line of action needs to be taken
Decide, judge, decipher, do all that seems proper, but take a proper line of action
It's important.

Once the right line of action is taken, then wait for the result
It’s better to wait and watch, then decide what's the right line of action that needs to be taken,
once deided, then proceed towards the same.

If everything seems to be right
If everything is planned and set according to time
If everything is falling in it’s proper place along with time
Then now is the moment in time to decide what’s going to happen in the future
Now is the time to ascertain the future.
C Oct 2014
Gritted teeth, anxious, smooth-toothed
Swirling pit, stomach twists and turns, old bath rag
Adrenaline, uncontrolled thoughts keeps me grounded, cigarette
Empty eyes, laughter, a smile
Poeta de Cabra Jul 2014
Like wow man what was that **** we smoked?
Must be some heavy **** man, that we just toked
Look in the mirror man, perhaps you'll see my point
Wow, what the hell man did you put in that last joint

My brain is hurting, my eyes are half closed and hazy
What has happened to your face man, I'm goin' crazy
Gotta get some fresh air man or I'm bound to flip
Smoked a coupla reefers, feels like an acid trip

Hell man you are really weird and looking queer
Mouth so big you could whisper in your own ear
Nose like a squashed peg,  it is beginning to twitch
Man, your'e real ugly, a mean lookin' *******

Your eyes are darting everywhere, God only knows how
With your tongue, you can even lick your own eyebrow
Tonsils are swollen, I can see right down your throat
Must have drank lots of beer coz your lunch is afloat

Man if you are going near a mirror turn off the light
If you see what I can see you'll probably die of  fright
Perhaps it was the white powder that made you look queer
Can't blame the ***** coz Iv'e only been drinking light beer

Half of your guts came out last time you started to cough
Man,  get outa my sight till these God dam drugs wear off
Now my veins feel like they'll burst, the blood is a pumpin'
Lungs are short of oxygen and my heart is really thimpin'

I know you think its funny ya ****** but please do not grin
Coz when you start smiling man, you are as ugly as sin
Gonna go to bed now man, see ya in the mornin' old friend
Hope when I wake up man, you are looking normal again

— The End —