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Bee Jul 2020
A fleeting glance as they pass each other on the street

At that moment, it began to rain

As the sky cried for the star crossed lovers

And for some reason, tears ***** their eyes too, like deep down they knew that they missed a lifetime in a single gaze
S Smoothie Apr 2017
Sleep and wakefulness blur
Listeless longings begin to stir
Hearts twist into dire messes
right or wrong?  anyone's guesses
Sickening ache pulls my chest cavity in again
No breath, no relief from this sin and pain
Cant be me
Can't have you,
Can't be free
Can't be you
Kisses and soul hugs on the winds
Casting flesh aside he wins
Only the ****** live free of this shadow
To live this life till the next is hallow
Ill bide my time in this makeshift hell
For a love that only the best story tellers tell
The one that goes on forever
Some can part but no thing can sever
Ours is of the endless stars
Countless opportunites to prove our hearts.
A love never cold
Never old -

Forever young.
yne Feb 2017
you said you loved reading poetry
how every words heal your soul
how every lines ease your existence
right there and then, i fell in love with you
we started diving through pages
and singing through words
we became one with poetry
this love feels so pure and true
but in the end you broke my heart
now the poetry is you
Poppy May 2015
Alone in the darkness, I carefully tread
Gazing at the leafy roof blossoming
Pearly flickering snowdrops overhead
A lone orchestra that she is forming
Hushed. I stand motionless, tranquil, silent
Glittering petals floating all around
Hear the eloquent song; dusky, violent
Twirling whilst dances to the velvet sound
In the midst of our homely wilderness
Reaching out to this enchanting spirit
I watch her, Illuminating blackness
My tortured soul I again revisit

Chasing is useless. I don't have her heart
We are seamed together and ripped apart.
Aditi Feb 2015
A thousand way to love
A thousand people to fall in love with
I chose the one that was most unlikely
i chose the one that, i knew in the end, will destroy me

A thousand pretty girls
A thousand you could have easily had
but it was me who chose you
and it was me who loved you back

A thousand roads
A thousand options
not a single one
that will lead me to you

A thousand pain
A thousand reasons to give up
Love has limits
heart know nothing of

A thousand tears
A thousanf relieves
I have got them all
but without you, I have nothing

**A thousand star-crossed-lovers writing
a thousand poems in this moment
One of them is me,
my muse being you, always
Out of all the people who could have tore me, why did it have to be you?
Kate Lion Feb 2013
Matter cannot be created or destroyed
Is love the same
Has it always existed
In one form or the other
If so
My love and I
We have loved forever (we just hadn't found each other)
And forever is a circle
Which means we never began and we will never stop
Echo Dec 2014
You always know what to say.
I was so lost, in the streets of the abandoned.
And then one day, you came my way,
You sat down beside me, took my hand and
said, "What I would give for another day."

I was left with a choice,
My heart no longer hell bound,
Feeing stuck.
I remember the day my heart drowned.

"It's okay," softly spoke Zach.
"I love you to the moon and back."
When I had said that, his eyes brightened.
He leaned in and kissed me, my throat tightened.

"You are unlike any other girl I've ever met. It's true."
I looked at him, why?
"Why? Just because you are you."
I felt like I could fly.
Tears slid in my eyes,
If I spoke, I would cry.
I felt so at peace.
This love we shared,
should never cease.
"I support you through every rough decision you have to make."
A smile grew on his face.
"And my heart is yours, in which only you can take."
Which ended with a hug, well embraced.
I'll be your princess, you stay my prince.
Lani Foronda Jul 2014
I was never one to stay and you were always one to leave.
We were from opposite corners of the same puzzle,
But how I wish we could have clicked together.
& maybe in some sense we both already did.
We were both wanderers-
Seekers of the great unknown.
Walking the paths of others before us
Just to find a place to call home.
& I suppose I should be happy-
No, thankful-
In having our paths crossed.
But it's quite a shame they weren't intertwined.
I would have liked that very much.
Lani Foronda Jul 2014
I find it hilarious
How we know each other so well.
We're like two halves of a whole.
Synced onto the same wave length.
But it's not going to be so funny when
One day
Maybe some time soon
That our connection will (have to) be

(Note: I can't let him go).
Lani Foronda Jul 2014
You make me want to give you the world,
But the world is what is stopping us.
You make me want to do a dance,
But I don't dance.
You make me want to get out of town,
But leaving you would hurt so bad.
You make me want to believe in "forever,"
But I don't have faith in that anymore.
You make me want to be happy
But a smile can hide so much.
You make me the luckiest girl in the world,
But I know that it can't be me.
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