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Mrs Timetable Apr 22
Thank you
For pushing my stuffing
Back in place
When I have one of
Those days

I would do it myself
But I can’t reach

It means more
Coming from you anyway

We will find our needle
And thread someday

Your grumpy 
Brown eyed bear
Tough day support
Anastasia Jun 2019
There's a tear in my soul
And the stuffing's falling out
Surprised you're not surprised
I was never real
Eyes of glass
Heart of gold
My flesh is made from silicone
Imperfect, blemishes and wrong
Hands are cold
Warm as stone
I was never real
Yet I still feel alone
I need this lie
To bleed itself out
And cut through this flesh
Of silicone
Do I mean anything more to you?
Rowan S Jan 2019
Obsessively focused on black ink swimming from my pen
Keep me floating in this storm
When writing stops, this craft sinks into the frothing waves
Poseiden's domain, beckoning.
Compelled to cling, to coping that only works temporarily
For this well now springs forward only from time spent held back
Dammed up, concrete walls held strong, but defective
This flood
This Flood
I flee, not fight, furtive failings of final flips into the film
Thin membrane, now breached and spilling
Oh god why can't I stop this?
Oh god why can't YOU stop this?
I am done.
Despite dealing with doom, with despair
How strong the maelstrom I now succumb to
I started writing a bunch of stuff about the background of this poem, so heres the gist: it is about EMDR (go look it up), stuffed emotions, PTSD, and I was written on the verge of a panic attack, which escalated into a full blown attack upon completion of this poem.
Inked Quill Dec 2018
How you became
When you wanted
To hurt me
The souvenirs
On my skin
Red, purple
And black
The truth is
I would have
Worn the bruises
As a jewel
Gifted by you
But not anymore
As I pulled out
All the stuffing
From inside of you
Like a rag doll
And rested you
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
Spending it to make it?
Now that’s money

Consumable and hoardable
folly’s quest yet necessary evil

How much is enough?
Too little?
Too great?

Does anyone deserve it
can you earn it and be happy
or is it all together absurd?
Money money money money money money
- Mr. Krabs, Gordon Gecko, Smaug
Ironatmosphere Dec 2014
I watch as you make a hole
in my skin
Obsessively pulling out
my stuffing

I can see the fascination in your eyes
as you keep on going
Till I am as hollow
as that teddy bear you always carried around as a kid

The one that was super skinny
because you had hugged it too tight
too often

The one you once joked
had anorexia
As I laughed
even though
I didn’t find it funny

Because I love you
as much as that teddy bear loved you

And because I know
I too will end up like a faded photograph
In an album no one ever looks at
Because everything is digital nowadays
Even memories

— The End —