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Still life may be silent, may be violent,
May be a green sight, may be a street light,
May be the nature's scent, or maybe it's cement,
May be moving, or maybe it's never evolving,
May be repeating, may be remaining,
Or maybe what's still is just an idyll
And life is not meant to feel,
Just to fill, fill, fill...
Until life's still.
A taxi drove past
at two in the morning,
blurring through the street lamp halo
painted on the sidewalk.

A click.
Flash frozen,
stuck speeding stationary,
clipping the spotlight.
And the night hanging off the lamp pole
does not appreciate
being caged away
#11 in my Year One collection, from notes on 12/19
Caitlin Ellis Dec 2018
Lousy with life
warm with haze
on walls, idols hang without any names

Dull with growth
bored as bloom
curtains, drab
a lifeless gloom

what was once the music, the life the dance
now is silence
the quiet trance

Like stones, words are stacked atop drawers
language it gathers
dust it falls
effie ebbtide May 2018
a pair of headphones with the mufflers missing
the wire that goes from said headphones to the computer
a ceramic pug in a red scarf containing tubes of paint
an ocarina that i picked up in a ghost town/tourist trap in california
a red cup for water during painting
a book called the artist's mentor
an adjustable lamp
wristbands a lover made for me
a book for savannah college of art and design featuring someone holding a large inflatable red ball on the cover
an incomplete abstract painting on canvas paper, slightly crumbled,
a box for the savannah college of art and design VR kit that they sent me
a book on writing
a book about color line and form in the visual arts
a red squishy ball inside a a fishnet containment, creating organic bulbous abscesses when squeezed
a book of poetry with a red cloth on the cover
a small packet of konpeito, a japanese sugar-based hard candy
a novelty necklace designed to resemble christmas lights, complete with glowing LEDs
a red colored pencil
a red marker
a red mechanical pencil
a gigantic anthology of american poetry i have yet to dive into
a packet of cherry jello
나리 Mar 2018
As if every autumn leaf has fallen
As if everything that seemed eternal is going further away
You’re my fifth season
Because even if I try to see you
I can’t

To me you're still green;
Bright and beautiful

Our foolishness, is being hung piece by piece like laundry
Only the bright memories are *****;
It falls on me
Even if I don’t shake my branch at all
It keeps falling

Why won't you just stay with me?
Lemonhead Mar 2018
The color of my iris
The apple of my eye is
Lying beneath eyelids
Time is flying by and I'm in
The midst of two wrists, two slits
Eyes open hoping we can do this
Love awakened by her two lips
Smell the roses poking out of tulips
Whispers are red, kisses are blue
Give me a purple heart and I'll stay true to you
A stack of poems for someone who, as it turns out, doesn't want them. Such is life.
Lemonhead Mar 2018
Lately I've been acting like a stranger
But I break character when I face her
She loosens the levees and it overflows
The rush of blood, the gush of older prose
The poetry owes it to the moment we met
A moment for forever, I'll never forget
And I'm growing just to give her more of me
More than a few rings and a handful of loose leaves
Falling like an autumn breeze in an honest peace
Staying true to the fantasy that I'm what you want
Hoping that I'm what you want
A stack of poems for a person for who, as it turns out, doesn't want them. Such is life.
Lemonhead Mar 2018
I can see the sun through the rain on the window pane
My heart matched pitch with the pitter-patter
I've been a bitter, badder, bigger wolf howling
Pining for your silver lining, an end to this curse
Pursed lips like a hearse this death is a rebirth
A new man shedding skin from your medicine
Was hesitant, getting in my head again
But I found peace of mind in the piece of time
I spend in your company, even just a minute
Not picky about the ticking if it's clicking with us
Your laughter reminds me of happily ever after
Never believed in fairy tales until I saw you smile
Silly Cinderella kid tip-toeing, trying to fit a slipper
A feat I will fulfill if given a chance, all I need is your hand
Fingers intertwined with mine and I'll prove that I can
A stack of poems for someone who, as it turns out, doesn't want them. Such is life.
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